Adaptive Athletes

“My name is Geoff Babb, in 2005 I had a brain stem stroke that put me in a wheelchair and I have not walked since. I was 48 years old, a very active sports enthusiast, with a beautiful wife, two young boys and working full time as a forest ranger. I am still working full time, now as a fire ecologist.Part of my whole experience since my stroke is developing a lot of trust in people. I’ve had a lot of people help me over the years. For the past 3 years I began riding a horse which relies on core strength, I now also do adaptive skiing, which is a combination of riding and skiing as well as kayaking. With sports, I can experience the freedom to move around in a way I cannot in a wheelchair or on my own feet. I trust Men’s Liberty to enable me to do these things, enjoy time with my friends and family, and continue having the freedom that is so very important to my lifestyle and happiness. With any other device, I would not have the mobility to engage in this kind of activity/fun.I am now preparing for the Pole, Pedal, Paddle event in Bend Oregon, I will be one member of 2 fully adaptive teams that will be competing against 1000′s of fully functioning athletes. Men’s Liberty has been kind enough to sponsor us in cooperation with the Oregon Adaptive Sports organization – an organization that “provides safe and affordable recreation to people with disabilities”. Please “like us” on FB at You can view my YouTube video below.To an adaptive athlete, hydration and fluid management are critical. Because getting in and out of wheelchairs, hand cycles, and other equipment in a timely manner can be a challenge, I recommend trying the Men’s Liberty.”Wishing you all the best. Onward!”

Watch Geoff and the Teams Compete!

Men’s Liberty was an Official Sponsor for the Adaptive Athlete Teams at Pole Pedal Paddle in Bend, OR, through