Frequently Asked Questions

Does Men’s Liberty go inside the body?

No.  Men’s Liberty is completely external; nothing goes inside the body. Because Men’s Liberty is completely external, you can reduce your risk of urinary tract infection.

Is Men’s Liberty a new type of diaper or pad?

No.  Men’s Liberty is an external device that seals gently to the tip of the penis and directs urine away from the body immediately. Diapers and pads absorb urine, but they do not keep you completely dry. With Men’s Liberty, your skin never comes in contact with urine, so you do not have to worry about skin breakdown or odor.

How does Men’s Liberty work?

Men’s Liberty uses a hypo-allergenic, latex free medical adhesive, called hydrocolloid, often used to treat wounds. The hydrocolloid forms a seal on the tip of the penis so that all urine is directed in to the small pouch attached to Men’s Liberty.   Men’s Liberty is so safe and skin friendly that we have sold more than 1 Million units without a single reportable adverse event (meaning skin breakdown or infection). We are very proud of that!

How do I know if Men’s Liberty is right for me?

Men’s Liberty works for men who dribble and drip throughout the day, as well as men who have no control of their bladder. If you currently use diapers, pads or condom catheters, then Men’s Liberty will work for you.  Men’s Liberty is the only external incontinence device that works reliably for all types of male anatomy. Whether you are circumcised, uncircumcised, small, large or retracted, you can be sure that Men’s Liberty will stay sealed and keep you dry all day and all night.

Is Men’s Liberty covered by insurance?

Liberty is available over the counter and does not require a prescription.

Yes!  Men’s Liberty is covered by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Most Private Insurances
  • TriCare, VA and GSA Formularies for Active Duty, Activated Guard, Reserves and Retired members of the uniformed services and their families
Most Men’s Liberty users pay little or nothing out of pocket for their monthly supply. Call (800)373-7006 and a Men’s Liberty Care Specialist will help you determine Men’s Liberty’s coverage under your insurance plan and how to start receiving a monthly supply. For more information about insurance coverage, click here.
In order to have Men’s Liberty covered by your insurance, your Health Professional must fill out just two pieces of supporting documentation, which you will find here: Letter of Medical Necessity

How long should I wear each Men’s Liberty unit?

Men’s Liberty is designed to be safely worn for 24 hours or more at a time. You can wear Men’s Liberty all day and all night, even through your normal daily activities.We suggest establishing a regular change schedule. Many Men’s Liberty users suggest changing Men’s Liberty first thing in the morning, before having anything to drink. If you remove Men’s Liberty before showering or swimming, be sure to towel dry and immediately replace Men’s Liberty once you are out of the water.

Since Men’s Liberty is designed to be worn all day and night, there is no need for other external bladder management products, such as diapers, pads or condom catheters. In fact, using other products in between Men’s Liberty applications may decrease your wear time for Men’s Liberty.

My Men’s Liberty doesn’t stay on as long as it should. What should I do?

The first step in making sure you get 24 hours or more of wear time is washing with plain Ivory® bar soap, and avoid using liquid or moisturizing soaps on your penis. These types of soap can lock in moisture or leave a residue that keeps Liberty from sealing to your skin.

Next, apply Men’s Liberty to clean, dry skin. Men’s Liberty will not seal to your skin if it is damp.  Lastly, allow the BioPlus+ prep wipe to dry completely before applying Men’s Liberty.   BioPlus+ feels sticky on the skin when it is wet.  You will know the BioPlus+ has dried completely when it is no longer sticky.

Can Men’s Liberty be worn under shorts?

Yes!  Men’s Liberty is designed to be worn comfortably under normal clothing, including long shorts.

Why does Men’s Liberty have such a small bag?

Men’s Liberty has a small pouch attached which serves two main purposes. First, you may notice that there are a few dimples across the bag. These dimples are an anti-reflux device that keeps urine from going back up the tube. Secondly, the pouch expands slightly and keeps Men’s Liberty from popping off from the force urination.

For men who just leak a few tablespoons of urine at a time, this small pouch can drained into a toilet periodically. No extra bag is needed.

For men who need larger urine storage, the small pouch can be connected to any standard leg or bedside urine bag.

For men on a bladder training program, the cap on the end of the small pouch can be opened and the user can urinate through Men’s Liberty into a toilet or urinal.

How do I remove Men’s Liberty?

Men’s Liberty can be removed using FreeDerm adhesive remover. FreeDerm comes in a wipe or a 1oz. spray bottle and releases Liberty immediately. FreeDerm is extremely skin friendly and leaves no residue. Once applied to the skin, FreeDerm flash dries and doesn’t require washing. You can immediately apply your next Liberty unit.

To order FreeDerm, call a Men’s Liberty Care Specialist at 800-373-7006.

If you do not have FreeDerm, you can remove Liberty by soaking in warm water. Be sure to never pull or tear Men’s Liberty off the skin. If Men’s Liberty is still sealed to the skin in some spots, soak for a little while longer – or choose to cut the bag away to facilitate complete immersion.


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