If your loved one is suffering from Urinary Incontinence (UI), so are you. Men’s Liberty will return you and your loved one to an active and energetic lifestyle.  Men’s Liberty works 24/7, allowing you to sleep restfully each and every night. Men’s Liberty’s closed system greatly reduces your workload; no more linen or clothing changes, countless loads of laundry or heavy lifting. You deserve more time for yourself and your family, and most importantly, a better quality of life.Men’s Liberty’s revolutionary design eliminates the daily difficulties of diapers, absorbent pads and condom catheters- and with the risk of infection so low – almost no visits to the doctor.Men’s Liberty is easy to use and directs urine away from the skin, keeping your loved one clean and dry. He stays odor-free and comfortable all day and night.  Help lower his risk of UTI with Men’s Liberty.  Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, TriCare and most insurance plans at LITTLE or NO cost to you.

Testimonial: “Men’s Liberty gives us the security that he is dry and comfortable. We don’t have to worry about taking extra sets of clothes with us everywhere we go or worry that he will be wet in the middle of the night.”
Elsie H., husband has Parkinson’s disease