Caregivers Frequently Asked Questions

How does Men’s Liberty make caregiving easier?

We have heard from many caregivers that incontinence care is one of the toughest aspects of caregiving. Countless loads of laundry, interrupted sleep, multiple linen and clothing changes for your loved one and heavy lifting are often what plague caregivers.

Men’s Liberty does not require any heavy lifting, and because it will keep your loved one clean and dry around the clock, excess laundry, clothing and linen changes are eliminated as well! You can finally get an entire night’s sleep!

Does Men’s Liberty need to be applied by a doctor or nurse?

No.  Men’s Liberty can be applied and changed by the user himself or by a caregiver. To learn how to apply and change Men’s Liberty, watch the Liberty Quickstart Video.

You can always call a Men’s Liberty Care Specialist for additional tips, tricks and troubleshooting. Call 800-373-7006.

How do I know when to change Men’s Liberty?

Men’s Liberty is intended to be worn for 24 hours or more. We recommend establishing a regular change schedule once you determine your loved one’s typical wear time. When he first starts using Men’s Liberty, be sure to check the seal every 4-6 hours. If you notice any signs of leakage, change Men’s Liberty immediately.

After he has used 3 to 4 Men’s Liberty units, you should be able to determine what his average wear time is. If he can wear Men’s Liberty for 48 hours, then plan to change Men’s Liberty every other day.

We recommend changing Men’s Liberty in the morning, before he has had any liquids. This way, he will not leak during application.

How do I know if Men’s Liberty is right for my loved one?

Men’s Liberty works for men who dribble and drip throughout the day, as well as men who have no control of their bladder.  If your loved one currently uses diapers, pads or condom catheters, then Men’s Liberty will work for him.

Men’s Liberty is the only external incontinence device that works reliably for all types of male anatomy.  Whether he is circumcised, uncircumcised, small, large or retracted, he can be sure that Liberty will stay sealed and keep him dry all day and all night.

Does my loved one need a prescription for Men’s Liberty?

No.  Men’s Liberty is available over the counter.    If your loved one has Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance or TriCare, then he will need to get two forms filled out by his doctor or nurse practitioner.

1. Letter of Medical Need – this indicates that your loved one has urinary incontinence and needs a device to help manage urine output. The doctor will fill out all of the patient information and will indicate the condition that is causing urinary incontinence. This form is then signed by the doctor.

2. Progress Note – This is a note on his physician’s letterhead stating that your loved one has urinary incontinence and is unable to use condom catheters and why. This is then signed by the nurse or doctor.

Is Men’s Liberty covered by insurance?

Yes!  Men’s Liberty is covered by:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Most Private Insurances
  • TriCare, VA and GSA Formularies for Active Duty, Activated Guard, Reserves and Retired members of the uniformed services and their families.
Most Men’s Liberty users pay little or nothing out of pocket for their monthly supply.  Call (800)373-7006 and a Men’s Liberty Care Specialist will help you determine Men’s Liberty’s coverage under your loved one’s insurance plan and how to start receiving a monthly supply. For more information about insurance coverage, click here.
In order to have Men’s Liberty covered by your insurance, your Health Professional must fill out just two pieces of supporting documentation, which you will find here: Letter of Medical Necessity

Will Men’s Liberty hurt my loved one’s skin?

No.   Men’s Liberty seals to the skin with a very skin-sensitive, latex-free medical adhesive called hydrocolloid.   Hydrocolloid is so sensitive that it is often used as a wound dressing.

Hydrocolloid works so well because it seals as if it is a second skin.  Once Men’s Liberty is applied, your loved one will likely forget it is even there!

Should I strap Men’s Liberty to my loved one’s leg?

If you would like to stabilize the small pouch attached to Men’s Liberty, you have two options. First, you can use the Liberty Supporter. This is a small, cotton pouch and belt system that can be worn comfortably under normal clothing and fit waist sizes 26″ to 56″. You can either attach a leg or bedside urine bag, or cap off Liberty’s small pouch when using the Liberty Supporter.

The second option is to use a catheter securement device, call UniGrip. UniGrip uses the same adhesive as Men’s Liberty (hydrocolloid) to seal to the leg. This option is best for Men’s Liberty users who connect a leg or bedside bag to Men’s Liberty’s small pouch. UniGrip uses soft, silicone grips to hold the leg or bedside bag tubing in place. This keeps Men’s Liberty from twisting or kinking.

To find out more information about these products, you can always call a BioDerm Care Specialist at 800-373-7006.

How do I connect Men’s Liberty to a leg or bedside urine bag?

You will notice a small cap at the end of Men’s Liberty’s small pouch. To connect a leg or bedside urine bag, simply uncap the small pouch and insert the cone-shaped connector at the end of your leg or bedside bag tube. Be sure to push the connector completely, so that it is snug and tight.

When you change Men’s Liberty, be sure to disconnect the leg or bedside bag tube. Then reconnect the tube to the new Men’s Liberty, once it is applied.

How do I remove Men’s Liberty?

Men’s Liberty can be removed using FreeDerm adhesive remover. FreeDerm comes in a wipe or a 1oz. spray bottle and releases Men’s Liberty immediately. FreeDerm is extremely skin friendly and leaves no residue. Once applied to the skin, FreeDerm flash dries and doesn’t require washing. You can immediately apply your next Liberty unit.

If you do not have FreeDerm, you can remove Men’s Liberty by soaking in warm water. Be sure to never pull or tear Men’s Liberty off the skin.  If Men’s Liberty is still sealed to the skin in some spots, soak for a little while longer.