Testimonials From Caregivers


“We so love and appreciate the support and freedom that the Men’s Liberty has given to our father as he lives (and battles) with ALS every day. The customer service is top-notch; everyone is incredibly responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this product!” – M.K.

“I don’t know how to explain it. It just feels like freedom. I don’t have to haul diapers with us everywhere we go. I don’t always have to be thinking in the back of my mind where I’m going to change him or how I can make him comfortable.” – Kathy Hellwig, son has Spastic Quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy

“I want to help my husband the best that I can and let others know what works for us. Men’s Liberty gives us the security that he is dry and comfortable. We don’t have to worry about taking extra sets of clothes with us everywhere we go or worry that he will be wet in the middle of the night.” – Elsie Hayes, husband has Parkinson’s disease

“Just the fact that he is staying dry is enough. Instead of having to deal with the issue of putting condom catheters on and off, two or three times a day, we’re just set. We put Men’s Liberty on, and then he’s good for a day or more. It just made life easier.” – Susan Sherman, husband has Multiple Sclerosis

“My father has gained more self-confidence because he feels he doesn’t need that much attention from his caregivers and my mother. [He] is getting better and has less skin problems. I think is more relaxed at doing whatever he wants and laughs more.” – Steven Yuan, father is a T4 Paraplegic

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