Testimonials From Health Professionals


“Men’s Liberty is wonderful, simply for the fact that it doesn’t cause skin irritation and provides comfort. I don’t ever have to worry about red spots or sores. It leaves a dry bed and a dry pair of pants. [My patient] doesn’t wear disposable briefs anymore, so we know that the security is there.” Marc Nagle, NAR (Nurse Assistant Registered) and caregiver to a man with Parkinson’s disease

“I recommended Men’s Liberty to some of my patients, and they have had excellent results. Men’s Liberty is a valuable tool for managing male bladder control safely and effectively.” – Dr. K, Charlotte, N.C.

“My patient, Mark Felling, has been using [Men’s Liberty] and is very pleased with the performance of this product. He is able to apply one [Men’s Liberty] and have it remain in place for 24 hours. He has not had any popping off or leaking with this product. More importantly, he is cleared of the pin-point sore the traditional condom catheters were causing on his penis.” James A. Rohde, M.D.

“Our surgeons in both the Department of Urology and the Department of Otolaryngology have been impressed with the results of Men’s Liberty in controlling incontinence post surgically in males without having to utilize condom or indwelling catheters. I think this product’s potential for cost saving could be astronomical in treating and caring for the incontinent male.” – Timothy C. Mulloy, BSN, RN, CETN, WOCN at the University of Kansas Medical Center

“I recommend the Liberty pouch for the men with urinary incontinence, who are not responding to medical or surgical treatment. The Liberty pouch is an excellent choice because of the low incidents of trauma, erosion, and infection.” – Dr. Fernando Borges, Board Certified Urologist for St. Petersburg, Florida

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