Get to Know Your Men’s Liberty Customer Care Specialist

Customer Care

For Men’s Liberty converts, one of the most important people they will meet on their journey is their Customer Care Specialist. Men’s Liberty has a dedicated staff who will answer questions, get your first order started, troubleshoot problems, and help you and your caregivers get the most out of Men’s Liberty. Once you’re set up,…

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Pee? Try Men’s Liberty

Mens Liberty

From divers to bomb disposal experts to race car drivers. Some of life’s most dangerous activities come with quite a bit of protective apparel. What no one mentions is that once it’s on, it’s a royal pain to take off! Heaven help the man who has the urge to go to the bathroom, right after…

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Men’s Liberty Supports the Roll on Capitol Hill

Roll on Capitol Hill

There is a lot going on in Washington DC these days and sometimes it can feel like  it’s always about someone else. But on June 26th, United Spinal mobilized over 60 SCI activists for a Roll on Capitol Hill to bring the concerns of the spinal cord injured population to the nation’s law makers.

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Don’t Let Incontinence Interrupt Your Summer Vacation!


Whether you’re sunbathing on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, visiting the grandkids or exploring the natural wonders of the Rockies, summer vacation is a time to relax, explore and spend time with friends and family. But all of that can be interrupted by a bout of incontinence that leaves you wet, embarrassed and definitely…

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