Following Davis Part 2: Hand Cycling

We checked in with Davis again this week since he just started training! He is planning on competing in swimming, hand cycling and quad rugby at next year’s Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tampa. The swimming training is going to wait until spring, but Davis said he felt thrilled to be starting with hand cycling and…

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Bladder Health Week: Facts about Foleys & Bladder Cancer

Today is the start of National Bladder Health week! To support bladder health and awareness we will be here all week publishing more information than you could EVER want on your bladder health. This will include tips for avoiding UTIs, daily factoids and today’s facts about Bladder Cancer.

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What Adult Diaper Companies Don’t Want Men to Know…


Skin maceration, candidiasis, dermatitis,– all these are complications that you may be experiencing when using a brief, pad, or diaper for men to manage incontinence. Sounds nice and clinical doesn’t it? Get an infection; take a pill, problem solved right? *Caution: the post below contains some graphic medical images.

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