Heart Failure and Sleep: Four Tips for Caregivers

Did you know that heart failure is closely associated with overall poor quality of life?

Surgical ‘Never-Events’ Are Shockingly Common – New Study Published!

I was shocked to see this headline land in my inbox yesterday and I just had to share. We’ve talked about so-called “never-events” before because one of the most common “never-events” are hospital acquired infections and pressure ulcers.These two never-events are frequently linked to the use of out-dated incontinence management products like adult diapers and […]

Skintastic! Slip, Slop, Slap, Slide & Seek for Safety!

We are feeling Spring Fever in our offices and are ready to get outside at a moment’s notice.  Most of us can enjoy fresh air breaks throughout the day, with the exception of our outstanding Customer Care team, although if they could figure out a way to move all the phones outside I’m sure they […]

Al Neuharth Obituary: An Incontinent Man & Newspaper Icon

We were saddened this weekend to learn that USA Today founder, Al Neuharth had passed away at the tender age of 89 years young. Al founded USA Today in 1982 and oversaw its rapid growth to a circulation of about 1.8m.

What Would You Do with an Extra 16 Hours a Week?

What would you do with those extra sixteen hours? Do you have a loved one whose a caregiver? What would they do with those precious hours back?

I’m All Stressed Out! 7 Tips for Managing Stress from Men’s Liberty

Recently, a good friend of ours spent 15 days in the hospital with multiple areas of “severe sepsis” (infections) that had spread from a UTI (urinary tract infection). Our friend spent 9 of those days on a ventilator after surgically removing the most critical of the infections. His situation was truly life-threatening – all from […]

Wee Answer Wednesday: A Hunter’s Questions Answered

While 95% of our customers are men dealing with incontinence, there are the select few out there who use the product more recreationally. They use it for fluid management when they know they’re going to be away from the bathroom for a while. It’s also proving unexpectedly popular among hunters who are investing in scent […]

Visit Men’s Liberty at the NWBA National Tournament!

Men’s Liberty is thrilled to be attending the upcoming Wheelchair Basketball Association National Competition in Louisville, Kentucky next week.

How Much Water Should Adaptive Athletes be Drinking?

How to manage fluid intake and incontinence to get that competitive edge!

Paraplegic Athlete to Push Across America for Disability Awareness!

We’re excited to share this news from LA. Today is the kick off of the Push Across America by adaptive athlete Ryan Chalmers. We’re going to be following along and cheering on Ryan’s amazing journey and hope you’ll do the same!