What’s All The Buzz About “B”?

B-vitamins have become trendy.  There are B-12 injections to fight anemia and to boost your energy.  There are B-vitamins added to energy drinks.  Another popular form of B-vitamins are sublingual (under your tongue for fast absorption)!  And if you look around, you’ll find them added to or fortifying lots of other foods, drinks and supplements […]

How Can I Get My Medical Records?

For those of you interested in seeing your personal health records, we’ve been asked to share some basic guidelines. This info is from MedicalRecords.com and outlines how you can access your complete medical records –

Show Me the Data! Should Patients Have Access to Their Records?

Most of us go to the doctor and year after year, build up a large file of medical records. From weigh ins to blood test results, there’s an awful lot of personal data in those old paper files.

Toilet Talk: Things You Should Know, But Probably Don’t

We’re thrilled to share a post from Tracy Sher, MPT, CSCS. – Pelvic Physical Therapist, Faculty for Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute,  and founder of the awesome Pelvic Guru Blog. She posted this late last year and I recently found it once again and was inspired to share. She has some great advice that we’re keen to […]

The Worst Incontinence Advice EVER!!!

I’m officially appalled. This has to be the WORST advice for dealing with incontinence ever – “live with it. It’s just a little bit of water. Get help. And be brave.”

I want to tell my doctor: “I want a second opinion.”

I can’t believe it! The Men’s Liberty Blog Turns One!

Survey: 43% of Prostate Cancer Survivors Have Urinary Incontinence!

Side effects of prostate cancer treatment are nothing new. But a new survey published by American Medical Systems sheds new light on how many survivors are suffering from side effects. Side effects like erectile dysfunction and incontinence, which are detrimentally affecting their sex lives and self image.

The Benefits of Volunteering

At Men’s Liberty, we’re really looking forward to the Wheelchair Games!  They’ll be right here in Tampa Bay this summer on July 13-18th.  Everyone on our team is excited about all the different venues and sports that will be occurring, and many of them are volunteering their time to help out. That made me start […]