The Best Day of Our Lives!

“I can’t run” said my husband Tom. “Of course you can’t” I said…  “But listen to this list – Archery, bowling, golf, cycling, track and field, ping pong, rowing, weight lifting, sailing, swimming, scuba, shooting, fishing, kayaking, billiards, basketball, softball, sled hockey, tennis, horsemanship, skiing, waterskiing, and kite boarding!” That’s all the sporting events available […]

67% of Caregivers say Managing Incontinence is Hardest Medical Task!

I saw these shocking statistics from caregivers in a recent edition of the Boston Globe and consequently just had to share! In fact, caregivers make an amazing contribution to our healthcare system and to their loved ones. However, it’s no small thing to be a caregiver and anything we can do to ease their burden […]

Disaster Planning and Spinal Cord Injury

While the snow storms of winter may be behind us, those of us in warmer climates are just gearing up for hurricane season. So to help you get prepared we wanted to share the following advice from the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center.