Fear & Medicine, a Lesson for Healthcare Professionals & Caregivers

Today I wanted to share a blog from Danielle Ofri of Slate.com, a MD and PhD, who wrote a moving story about fear and medicine. And it spoke to me, although she wrote as a mother, I know a very similar fear as a caregiver. Trusting our loved ones to a complicated system, filled with […]

Learning the Signs and Risk Factors of Prostate Cancer

Today I wanted to share a blog from Nancy Pham of nationalincontinence.com. She is a product specialist who often writes about new incontinence products. This post may be short but it contains some valuable information regarding prostate cancer screening, risk factors, and symptoms. This is a widespread disease and although 1 in 6 men will […]

Explaining the Men’s Liberty Learning Curve

Defeating Stigma in Healthcare Award for 2013: Rick Rador, MD

Discover the Top 5 Internet Memes About Incontinence!

I have a confession: I’m a child of the internet. While I wasn’t quite born with an iPad in one hand and a cell phone in the other, it was a close thing. If I was banished to a desert island and could only bring one thing – you better believe I’d bring a WiFi […]

Admitting there’s a problem: overcoming incontinence denial

Incontinence is nobody’s favourite issue. There is so much stigma associated with the issue that we know it can be hard to talk about, even with your doctor.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury: Part 3 with Caleb

  This is my third part in the series Understanding Spinal Cord Injury and I want to again thank all of you for your amazing support. Last month I allowed all of you to “join me in the shower” by sharing what daily life is often like on a physical level for someone with spinal […]