Coming Together – A Community for the Cure

In 19 years it has never ceased to amaze me how much behavioral psychology is at play around Spinal Cord Injury. There are always the personal, day-to-day battles with victories and losses a person in a chair faces just living life, but one of the greatest obstacles toward complete recovery from a spinal cord injury […]

A Caregivers Lesson in Asking for Help, a Personal Story

Ask any caregiver to describe their scariest moment, and I will bet you, none of those moments will be about them. That’s the thing about being a caregiver for one of your loved ones – mother, father, sibling, husband, child – their illness, their comfort, their happiness become your own. Yet there are no doctors, […]

Band of Brothers

Just a few days ago (November 7th), we shared with you a story about a great man with a terrific mission – Bob Woodruff and his foundation, and of course, the benefit concert “Stand Up For Heroes”!

Family Caregivers Live Longer Than Non-Caregivers

Today I bring you an article published on written by Nancy Shute. This article was written almost a month ago, however, it still has relevance this month because we are in the midst of celebrating National Family Caregivers Month.

11 Things You Should Never Say to a Caregiver

20 Questions with the Men’s Liberty Employee of the Week!

Hello everyone! Today we are starting a new series of posts that will run over the next couple of months. As it was my idea to run this series, I feel it is only right that I feature myself first. I am also probably one of the newest members to the BioDerm/Men’s Liberty team, so this […]

Happy Veterans Day from Men’s Liberty!

Today we want to take some time to thank all of the service men and women who protect our country.

What is No-Shave November?

By now I’m sure some (or most) of you have heard of this seemingly ridiculous annual event called No Shave November, or for those who can only grow a mustache, Movember. For those of you who are new to this annual event, I will summarize: It is a month-long event involving the growing of facial […]

Stand Up for Heroes

Today, we have a story with a very happy ending to share with you. But not just a happy ending for Bob Woodruff, a very fortunate man who has created a foundation to help our great veterans, but also a story that just may have a happy ending for you as well!

Thank You Caregivers!