20 Questions with the Employee of the Week: Jamie Burnes

This week I would like to introduce the next featured employee of the week, Jamie Burnes. Jamie has been part of the Men’s Liberty team for about 8 months now and works as one of our Customer Care Representatives. So without talking too much, let me introduce Jamie.

Redefining Superman

Today I turn 36 years-old. Yes, thank you for saying “Happy Birthday”. As I look back over the past year and forward to what lies ahead in the next I am inclined to ponder a few things about life as I see it and I feel inspired to share. As the fundraising process moves forward […]

6 Tips for Wellness

I will be the first to admit that for the majority of my life I didn’t care to much about my health. I ate anything and everything I wanted, did minimal exercise, and never really made sure I was getting a good night sleep. Luckily for me, I am naturally very thin so putting on […]