Off The Beaten Path

And like that the summer of 2014 was over… there is always some smart-ass who will come along and say “Well, technically September twenty-whatever is the last day of summer.” Shut up. I’m sitting here in a hoodie and sweats, I have been sleeping under a blanket, the windows are closed and it’s 55 at […]

Prostate Cancer and Incontinence (Infographic)

The Pros of Probiotics

Hello friends and readers! Just the other day we received the new issue of PN magazine and as I was looking through it, I stumbled upon an article about the pros of taking probiotics. I’m sure some of you already take probiotics on a regular basis, but what you may not know is how beneficial […]

Changes in Urological Mortality Rates Demonstrate Need for Further Changes in Healthcare Delivery

Hello and welcome back! This morning as we were looking around the internet for interesting articles when we came upon a interesting review. It was on changes in mortality rates associated with common urological procedures. It’s a mix of good and not so good news.