That Darn Easter Bunny…

It’s now the second day of spring. It snowed yesterday on the first day of spring. It doesn’t feel like spring and these Meteorologists on TV might as well be telling us the Easter Bunny is running behind on chocolate orders and had to outsource holiday deliveries to Godiva. Fortunately the snow is melting very […]

What Would You Think If I Sang Out Of Tune?

  It’s not easy to think of things to write about. Frankly, I dread opening my blogging program for concern that I have wrote my last and I am all out of good ideas. I am probably delusional because in reality I often feel I haven’t even scratched the surface of life with Spinal Cord […]

1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplanes Don’t Have Restrooms!

Riding with our eleven-year old grandson and his father in this 1929 – Ford Tri-Motor Airplane was a memorable experience. A year ago, before Men’s Liberty External Catheters, the thought of twenty minutes of vibration and no restroom would have left me standing on the tarmac watching the plane take off.

Order Out of Chaos

I recently reconnected with a friend from High School. No big surprise there really in this age of Facebook, LinkedIn and zillions of other social networking websites. It made me think about my life with spinal cord injury.