Coming Out Of The (Catheter) Closet

For men who are sixty and over, about one in four have problems with incontinence. The surprising thing is that some of these men won’t even discuss the problem with their doctor. Using Men’s Liberty external catheter could turn their life for the better.

The Link Between Prostate Cancer and Urinary Incontinence

A Broken Cord – Part 1

Did you know it costs, on average, $100,000 a year to live with a spinal cord injury? Yes, you read that correctly. I am not referring to normal living expenses either. That figure you see there refers to everything we need to stay alive like a wheelchair, proper cushions, chair maintenance, medical supplies, medication, doctor […]

The Link Between Prostate Health and Football

A recent survey found nearly 75 percent of men watch professional football at least once a week, but only about half could remember their last trip to the doctor. There is no direct connection between prostate health and football, but maybe we should let it associate us to taking better care our health.