Catheter Alternatives

Catheters can be a good alternative for men dealing with urinary incontinence. If you are tired of inconvenient adult diapers and incontinence pads, but not sure what else is available, learn more here.

How to Apply An External Catheter

External catheters are easy to use. With Men’s Liberty you can apply the catheter and achieve a secure seal in just a few minutes, regardless of the size of your anatomy. Use the following tips and instructions to apply for up to 24 hours of worry free wear day or night.

Benefits of External Catheters

Urinary incontinence should not keep you from the activities you normally enjoy. There are many options available for UI and we recommend finding the best fit for your lifestyle. Options, such as external catheters, offer you more freedom and flexibility.

The Best Alternatives to Adult Diapers For Men

If you are managing incontinence, there are alternatives to adult diapers that preserve your dignity, freedom and your budget. Read on to learn about best alternatives for worry free incontinence management.

Alzheimer’s and Incontinence

Alzheimer’s disease, a common form of dementia, is a result of plaque build-up that destroys brain tissue. Many men with an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis also have incontinence.  Here’s what you need to know.

Obesity and Urinary Incontinence

Obesity is often a cause or contributing factor to urinary incontinence. Extra weight means undue pressure on the muscles of the pelvic floor, which can cause urine to leak and incontinence

Back Pain and Incontinence – Is There a Link Between Them?

There is a link between back pain and back injury, and incontinence. The body is a complex system. We don’t often think about it but our activities of daily living are supported by hundreds of intricate inner workings. When one of these functions fails there can be a cascade of effects. Such is the case […]