Incontinence Medication – Less Is More

If you are like most men dealing with incontinence, you want to explore all options for maximizing freedom and comfort. Strategies include lifestyle changes, medical devices such as catheters, absorbent products, and incontinence medication. Incontinence medication Though it might be tempting to rely on medication – pop a magic pill to make incontinence disappear – […]

External Catheters vs Internal Catheters

Urinary catheters are a good option for managing incontinence, but which type is best? External catheters like condom catheters and internal catheters offer benefits and risks. Here is a look at external catheters Vs internal catheters and some things to consider. External vs Internal Catheters External Condom catheters Much as the name suggests, condom catheters […]

Tips For Managing Skin Rashes and Incontinence

Managing incontinence with absorbent pads, diapers or condom catheters often leads to an unpleasant side effect – skin rashes. The twin problems of moisture and acidity work together to erode skin health. The result – rash and irritation. Use these strategies to care for skin rashes and consult your doctor when rashes don’t go away. […]