Exploring and Addressing the Difficulties Associated with Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence, or the involuntarily loss of urine, is a common problem that affects millions of Americans every year. However, it is a condition that most do not like to talk about. And this can cause a lack of education on the common warning signs and risk factors of urinary incontinence. These risk factors for […]

Do You Understand Body Waste?

Whatever treatment a guy goes through, it is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy body waste removal process. Your catheter could save your life. Gotta go… Body waste removal is normal and necessary for the health of all humans. That includes urine. Urinary retention can cause harm to the bladder and kidneys, which filter waste […]

Know Your Nurse

Your nurse has likely changed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of catheters over the course of a career. But, perhaps, the experience is still relatively new and somewhat embarrassing to you. Getting to know your nurse can make you feel more comfortable. Nurses are people too You want to be seen as a whole human being, […]

Sexual Identity is Not Lost with a Catheter

Tubes only assist bodily functions. They do not take away sexual desire or sexual function. That your catheter is applied on the most sensitive body area is only medical. Your body is still functioning normally. Maintain your sexual identity and enjoyment with these tips. Be upfront Many men with incontinence experience shame and sadness. These feelings […]

God Provides Helpful Body Aides