Regaining Control

Regaining Control Urinary incontinence can rob you of confidence and feelings of control. Men’s Liberty offers a life changing solution. Get back your freedom, masculine vitality and confidence with our external system. It’s time to take back control.   You have a choice You don’t have to avoid friends or going out. Men’s Liberty offers […]

Why Men Refuse Catheters More Than Women

Why men refuse catheters more than women A 2016 reported released during the American Urology Association’s annual meeting revealed that 1 in 4 men is fearful of traditional catheters. They have good reason to be. Indwelling and condom catheters significantly increase the risk of rash and infection. Men’s Liberty offers a life-changing option.   No […]

Can a Man Golf While Wearing a Catheter?

Can a man golf while wearing a catheter? Absolutely! Men’s Liberty has designed an external catheter with your freedom in mind. Enjoy your usual activities, including golf, with confidence.   Freedom to do what you enjoy Incontinence need not separate you from the people, places or activities you enjoy. Men’s Liberty understands that you want […]

Why You Need a Catheter

Why you need a catheter Incontinence is a common problem for men of all ages. If you’re among them, using a catheter can help you enjoy your normal activities.   Benefits of Men’s Liberty Unlike other types of catheters, Men’s Liberty is non-invasive. Depending on your level of dexterity, you can apply Men’s Liberty on […]

Do External Catheters Work With An Active Lifestyle?

Think you’re on the go lifestyle will be slowed by an external catheter? Think again! Men’s Liberty has designed an easy to apply catheter that fits your active lifestyle.   Men’s Liberty is comfortable and convenient Apply Men’s Liberty in about two minutes. Our secure, skin-friendly seal stays put, so you stay dry. Go ahead […]