An Overview of Men’s Bladder Health

Men's Bladder Health

An Overview of Men’s Bladder Health Even though bladder health is often associated with women, it is a very real concern for men too. Over 25% of men over the age of 65 have dealt with urinary leakage, and 1 in every 27 men has a chance of developing bladder cancer. An Overview of Men’s…

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Increase the ZZZZZ’s

night bathroom visits

Middle of the night bathroom visits can be a thing of the past with Men’s Liberty. Sleep supports health Adequate sleep offers many overlooked benefits. These include stronger immune system, better mood, less susceptibility to chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes, and clearer thinking. Yet most Americans get less than the recommended 7…

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You are not alone

Did you know that the National Institutes of Health estimates that rates of incontinence in U.S. males over 20 range between 15 and 24 percent? Over 5 million men in the United States are living with men’s urinary incontinence every day. Many of them are enjoying vibrant, active lives. You can too, with Men’s Liberty.…

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Navigating the supplies choice

Mens Liberty

If you’re managing incontinence, you likely know about the usual choices. These are absorbents like adult diapers, pads and liners. Catheters are also commonly used. Choices are most often guided by three major factors – cost, convenience and comfort. Men’s Liberty has emerged as a leading choice for many men because it offers all these…

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Managing the costs of incontinence

Managing the costs of incontinence can be expensive. The expense isn’t confined to products such as absorbents. There are other costs. These include skin care and management, as well as the emotional cost of worry about accidents, and loss of a sense of freedom. Men’s Liberty offers a more affordable option for most patients as…

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When to say the I word

talking about incontinence

One of the toughest things about managing male urinary incontinence is talking about incontinence and deciding if, when and how to discuss it. Talking about incontinence is not easy These strategies can help you get the conversation started. Start with self-reflection Your partner will take cues from you about managing incontinence. The best way to…

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