The Dangers of Not Going to the Bathroom

Not Going to the Bathroom

Not going to the bathroom on a regular basis can be harmful to your bladder and other organs in the urinary system. A typical adult will go to the bathroom 4 to 7 times a day. But it depends on your personal body and individual factors including age, size of bladder, medical conditions, and bladder…

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Why am I incontinent – 10 reasons you may be incontinent 

reasons for incontinence

Incontinence, or the involuntary leakage of urine, is a common problem affecting millions of men every day around the world and over 5 million men in the United States. Causes may vary, but here are 10 of the most frequent reasons for incontinence. Prostate treatment Incontinence often results when the prostate becomes enlarged or following…

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Am I really incontinent – 4 signs that may call for a doctor visit 

Am I really incontinent

Incontinence or the involuntary release of urine, is a common medical condition. Still, it can feel embarrassing and difficult to talk about. Asking yourself: “Am I really incontinent?”. Are you ignoring signs that may point to incontinence? These tips will help you decode your body’s signals. You notice urine leakage You may have noticed that…

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Catheters on the job – Know how to care for yourself to lower infection rate 


Catheters offer convenience and protection that absorbents just can’t match. Despite their many advantages, some catheters carry significant risk of infection (UTI). That risk can increase when you’re out and about. Are you using a catheter at work? Stay comfortable and safe with these tips. Wash hands thoroughly before using catheters Indwelling and intermittent catheters…

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