Should You Begin a 30-day Exercise Challenge

30-day Exercise Challenge

A 30-day exercise challenge can be a great way to jump-start your fitness goals. That is if you play it SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound). Think you’re up for the challenge? Here are some things to consider.

Challenge Prep

The best way to get the most out of your 30-day exercise challenge is to decide what outcome you are trying to achieve. Your goal will be clear and provide the most supportive guidance when it is SMART. For a newbie, a SMART goal might look like this: I will walk for 30 minutes after dinner every weekday during the challenge.

  • S – The goal is specific because it says what you will do.
  • M – The goal is measurable because it says when you will walk, how often and for how long (use a journal to keep track). You may also want to wear a fitness tracker to see if you are able to cover more distance as the week’s pass.
  • A – The goal is attainable because walking is appropriate for someone new to exercise.
  • R – The goal is relevant because walking is a form of exercise.
  • T – the goal is time – bound because it has a defined period of 30-days.

Check your motivation

You are more likely to succeed with the challenge when you understand your motivation. When deciding if you should begin, ask yourself what you hope to gain and why it matters to you. If it matters enough you are more likely to make it happen. For example, you may want to improve your health numbers before your next visit to the doctor. Or you may want to manage stress better or sleep more soundly. Choose an outcome that is sufficiently motivating. It will help you get out the door even when the couch is calling.

Get your game plan

Walking for 30-minutes after dinner every weekday may be easier said than done. Anticipate any challenges so you can plan work arounds. Remember, your goal is to keep your promise to yourself, nail the challenge and achieve the desired outcome. Before you get started think about how to clean up after dinner or childcare will be handled. For example, can you stack and rinse the dishes until later? Can the children come along, or can a spouse or neighbor keep an eye on them while you walk? What will you do if the weather doesn’t cooperate? Will you hop on the treadmill or pop in a walking dvd? What about that looming deadline? Can you work ahead or skip that sitcom? Plan ahead for success.

Ready for the challenge?

You should begin a 30-day challenge if you have a clear idea for what you want to do, why you want to do it and how you will make it happen. If you don’t know, don’t start. The goal here isn’t just to achieve the outcome, it is also to make a promise to yourself that you keep. It feels good knowing you can trust yourself to do what you say you will do. Focusing on your health and losing weight may help reduce incontinence as well. If you’re ready to make a change and try something new for your male incontinence call Men’s Liberty to learn more about how we are helping men try an alternative to diapers and condom catheters.