4 Alternatives to Male Urinary Incontinence Surgery

male urinary incontinence products

Depending on your condition of male urinary incontinence and other factors, your healthcare provider may recommend you to undergo a surgery. However, where surgery is not an option or you wish to avoid it, you may consider a number of male urinary incontinence products and solutions.  From prescription drugs to adult diapers, absorbent pads, and traditional external catheters, you may evaluate your choices in consultation with your doctor. If you are looking for a highly reliable, comfortable, and dignified solution to your male bladder leakage, you may consider Men’s Liberty external urinary collection device. Here are some of the prescription medications and other male urinary incontinence products that you could consider.

Prescription Drugs and Injections

male urinary incontinence products

Your doctor may prescribe anticholinergic medications for treating male UI. The active ingredients in this drug will prevent the chemical messenger acetylcholine from sending wrong bladder contraction signals in order to curb urinary incontinence.

Mirabegron is another medication to treat male urinary incontinence. It will cause your overactive bladder muscles to relax and also enhance your bladder’s ability to retain urine. You may be able to empty your bladder well and pass more urine at one time.

Botox injections are also approved for providing temporary relief from male UI. The botulinum neurotoxin type A will work to block the nerve signals for several months. That will cause relaxation in the overactive bladder muscles.

The downside of various prescription medications and Botox injections is that they can have significant side effects. And they may not serve as long-term solutions for your problem of male UI. However, you should go through medical advice in this regard.   

Men’s Liberty External Collection Device

Thousands of men have benefitted from the unique Men’s Liberty external catheter to get around their problem of urinary incontinence. Whether you are at home or traveling outside, Men’s Liberty can be the ideal non-invasive solution to keep you comfortable and dry throughout the day. 

The device is completely discreet and causes no leakage or odor. The patented technique will direct urine away from your skin so that your likelihood of skin breakdown or UTI infection is minimal. 

Condom Catheter

Condom catheters are made from latex or silicone material based penile sheath. The sheath will rollover your penis shaft and is connected to a catheter tube or a drainage bag. 

One of the challenges with traditional male urinary incontinence products such as condom catheters is that they may come off without warning. That may cause you embarrassment at an unexpected moment. Secondly, the skin of the penis will remain wet with urine when you use this device, which increases your risk of skin infection and UTI.

Adult Diapers, Pads, and Pants

male urinary incontinence products

Adult diapers, absorbent pads, and disposable incontinence pants are often among the first products that many men will try. However, you may have to change them several times a day. Or you may start feeling uncomfortable once the product becomes wet. 

Over prolonged usage, these male UI products may also increase your risk of skin irritation, infection, and UTI. In many cases, adult diapers and absorbent pads may feel bulky. And they may not be as discreet as you want them to be. 

Men’s Liberty is the Most Dependable Alternative You Need

Have you been struggling with uncomfortable traditional male urinary incontinence products? It may be time for you to switch over to the dignified and dependable Men’s Liberty external collection device. Get ready to change your life for the better. Call us at 888-412-9329 to place your order, or simply order online.