4 Questions When Selecting A Catheter For Men


It is natural to have questions about a catheter for men when you are new to using urinary catheters. Many men across the world use a variety of catheters – condom, external, indwelling – every day to drain their bladder. To help you better understand the various aspects of catheter for men, we are answering some of the most commonly asked questions about them.

How Safe Is It To Use the Catheter?

Whether it is your doctor or another professional that is suggesting catheter use for you, feel free to ask them whether there is any clinical evidence to support the efficacy of that catheter for men? Is that device safe for you to use in the long term? If it is an external catheter, does it use a latex-free, hypoallergenic adhesive? These questions will help you make an informed choice.

How Effective Is the Catheter?

A catheter should not only be able to prevent accidental leakage but also catheter-induced urinary tract infections. Ask if the catheter for men will give you maximum protection against infections and skin rashes. In case of external catheters, ask if it comes with an adequate-sized bag to give you stable handling, and at the same time, ensure complete emptying of the bladder.

Is It Affordable?

Not all incontinence products for men are covered by insurance. If you are going to be using a catheter for men for a long period of time, you want to choose a device you can easily afford. In addition to insurance coverage, you should also have the option to pay it out of your pocket. For example, Men’s Liberty is covered by Medicare, VA/TRICARE, Workers’ Comp, and more than 3,000 private insurance providers in the United States. Self-pay option is also available.

Will It Fit My Lifestyle Needs?

You also need to make sure the catheter for men is discrete and compact-sized. Will you be able to integrate it into your lifestyle easily? Can you go outside, travel, and engage in outdoor activities while wearing it? Does it have everything you need, i.e., urine collection bag, adhesive remover, etc.?

Additional Questions: A Quick Checklist

Here are a few more questions you should ask before using a catheter for men, to ensure you are getting the right device for your needs:

  •       How do I take care of my skin around the device? How often should I clean the area?
  •       What supplies do I need to care for my catheter?
  •       Can I walk around or work out with the catheter attached?
  •       Can I take a shower and/or a bath while wearing it? And can I swim?
  •       In the case of a leg bag, how often does it need to be changed? How do I empty it in a public restroom?
  •       How often should I empty the urine bag? Do I need to wear gloves to do it?
  •       Do I need to clean the urine bag after every use and how do I do that?
  •       How often do I need to clean the urine bag or catheter? How do I do that?
  •       What are the signs that I have an infection?

Call Us For Any Questions About Men’s Liberty’s External Catheter For Men

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