5 Things That Will Make Male Urinary Incontinence Worse

Don’t let bladder incontinence keep you from the people and things you enjoy. Be proactive. There are things you can do to make managing urinary incontinence easier. Here are five things that can make male urinary incontinence worse and that you should avoid.


5 Things That Will Make Male Urinary Incontinence Worse

Certain Foods

You don’t have to give up your favorite foods but it is important to notice how certain foods impact incontinence. Common bladder irritants include:

  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus
  • Chocolate
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy foods
  • Sugar, artificial sweeteners
  • Acidic foods, such as spaghetti sauce

Start by noticing how your body responds when you consume these foods. You may even want to eliminate some, at least temporarily, and add them back to find your level of tolerance. Adjust as needed for better incontinence management.


Some men reduce their liquid intake as a way of managing incontinence. This actually exacerbates the problem. Too little fluid can irritate the bladder and increase the urge to urinate. Moreover, concentrated urine has a stronger odor that is hard to mask if leakage becomes a problem. Too little liquid may also lead to constipation. Straining to move the bowels puts pressure on the pelvic floor and can aggravate urinary incontinence.

Extra Weight

Whenever possible, stay physically active to maintain or reach a healthy weight. Excess weight puts pressure on the bladder and can contribute to leaks. Physical activity isn’t only important for healthy weight; it can also improve bladder health. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular, moderate exercise improves bladder control.


If you needed another reason to quit smoking, better bladder control may be the one you’re looking for. Smoking is highly correlated with urinary incontinence. Smokers also tend to have more difficulty managing incontinence than non-smokers. This is especially true if a smoker’s cough is present. Frequent coughing, like laughing and sneezing, can trigger bladder leaks.


Too much liquid in too short a period will overwhelm the bladder and produce a strong urge to void. The trick is to find the sweet spot so you don’t drink too much or too little. No need to trade in your big gulp or 20oz, just sip and savor instead.

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