6 Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Incontinence Caregiving

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Bladder control in men often reduces with age, which can be managed with a male urinary incontinence product such as Men’s Liberty. However, if your elderly loved one requires assistance with daily activities, you can take a few steps to provide him with male urinary incontinence support. While minimizing your stress as a caregiver.

Talk to the Doctor

If your older adult has recently developed male urinary incontinence, discuss with his healthcare provider whether the condition is treatable. Sometimes an underlying medical condition may be at the root of the problem. And if it is treatable, you may resolve the urinary incontinence. A visit to the doctor may also help in determining whether he has a UTI infection that requires treatment.

Be Well-Prepared at All Times

Accidents will occur without warning, and they can happen when you are out together with your elderly-loved one. While it is a good idea to go out and not confine yourself to home just because of urinary incontinence, it makes sense to prepare. You can pack a tote bag with male urinary incontinence products or even a spare set of clothes to handle the situation comfortably.

Consider Using Men’s Liberty

urinary incontinence support

Your loved one may be feeling tired of relying on uncomfortable catheters or leaky diapers and pads. Depending on his condition, consider using Men’s Liberty, which is widely recognized among thousands of users as a dependable and effective urinary incontinence product.

Thousands of men in various age groups have already switched to this safe and proven solution. If you are part of a urinary incontinence support group, you could even talk about this solution with others in the group and share your experience.

Choose Adaptive Clothing

Depending on your loved one’s needs, you may use adaptive clothing for them, which have a specific design for easy access. These clothes are both discreet and stylish, while they you can pull them down quickly to avoid an accident. When you need to assist your older adult with cleanup, these garments make it easier for you to dress and undress them.

Focus on the Right Diet

It is important to watch your elderly loved one’s diet. Certain foods can worsen bladder incontinence. Make sure to avoid caffeinated beverages (such as tea, coffee, and sodas), spicy foods, and chocolate as much as possible. Mayo Clinic’s list of trigger foods also includes acidic fruits and fruit juices, such as limes, lemons, grapefruits, and oranges. You should also avoid tomatoes, ketchup, honey, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.

Follow a Bathroom Schedule

Does your older adult suffers from dementia or Alzheimer’s? A daily schedule for visiting the bathroom can be particularly helpful with urinary incontinence. When there is a regular routine, it will allow the bodily functions to gradually accustom to those timings.

Do not impose a difficult schedule. But you could start by asking your loved one to go to the bathroom every one or two hours. By experimenting, you will understand the timings that are working best for his body, so the right schedule will emerge.

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Give the Gift of Men’s Liberty to Those You Love

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Aside from Men’s Liberty, our wide line of male urinary incontinence solutions can help your loved one live life without male urinary incontinence getting in the way.

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