Admitting there’s a problem: overcoming incontinence denial


Incontinence is nobody’s favourite issue. There is so much stigma associated with the issue that we know it can be hard to talk about, even with your doctor.

But we know that dealing with incontinence is integral to your quality of life. So how can you help a loved one deal with this issue? How do you talk to someone in denial? My advice: be kind, be compassionate and don’t let embarassment hold you back.

I recently finished teaching a week long class for our new recruits, teaching them all about Men’s Liberty, incontinence, and patient’s choices. Most of them had little or no hands on experience with incontinence before, except a few stints in a hospital when they had to have a indwelling catheter. None looked back on that experience fondly.

What I have discovered in training is that there is no replacement for the human touch. I can spout clinical information for days and it doesn’t have the same value as stories from some of our favourite patients.

So today, I wanted to tell you about Donald and Lisa.

Donny is incontinent, and after ten years trying to deal with it on his own, he finally found Men’s Liberty.

“I mentioned my incontinence to my doctor once, but he didn’t have a lot of suggestions. There wasn’t anything wrong with my bladder so I just bought packs of depends. It was better once I could order them online but I’m not too great with a computer. They took up a ton of space in our condo and it got pretty expensive.”

“That worked for a bit but then things got worse. I was getting up three or four times a night and I couldn’t make it through a round of golf without having to find a bathrooom. Eventually, Lisa pushed me to try something new. She wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska. So I promised I would try. By then I had a new doctor and he told me about Liberty.”

“I was pretty hesitant at first. It looked too complicated. But I tried anyway. It took a few tries but Lisa helps me apply it and that works really well. Each one lasts a day or more and its really secure. We’re set to go off on that cruise next month. Lisa’s real excited and so am I. Maybe next year we’ll do an RV trip. It’s made a huge difference in our lives. I only wish I had known sooner.”

Donny’s one of our happy customers. And his story isn’t unique. Sometimes it seems easier to ignore the problem, to hide it away in a closet and limit your activities. But that’s no way to live.

Not sure if Men’s Liberty could work for you? Ask! We have a great team of customer care representatives here to answer all your questions!