Am I really incontinent – 4 signs that may call for a doctor visit 

Am I really incontinent

Incontinence or the involuntary release of urine, is a common medical condition. Still, it can feel embarrassing and difficult to talk about. Asking yourself: “Am I really incontinent?”. Are you ignoring signs that may point to incontinence? These tips will help you decode your body’s signals.

You notice urine leakage

You may have noticed that urine leaks when you lift, cough, sneeze or laugh. This may be a sign of stress incontinence. Stress incontinence is often associated with prostrate trouble and unhealthy weight. Strengthening your pelvic floor with Kegel exercises may help.

You don’t make it to the bathroom in time

Frequent, sudden urges to urinate may indicate overactive bladder, or urge incontinence. When you make your appointment, talk with your doctor about any medications you are taking. Certain medications can cause or aggravate incontinence. Other causes include kidney stones and bladder infection.

You have difficulty emptying your bladder completely

If you’ve noticed that you are releasing small amounts of urine, you may be dealing with overflow incontinence. Certain medications, as well as enlarged prostate, may be the cause. Double voiding can help with overflow incontinence. To do this urinate as much as you can then wait a bit and try again to empty your bladder.

You are going more frequently

Making more than your usual number of trips to the bathroom may be a sign of incontinence. Talk with your doctor to assess your bladder health along with the muscles associated with voluntary release of urine.

Before your visit

Your doctor may ask about your urinary patterns. Keeping a bladder journal can help you give a full picture of what has been going on. Write down how often you go, how much and when. Include information about any bothersome problems such as leakage, pain or urgency.


Addressing the signs of incontinence and finding an answer to “Am I really incontinent?” is the first step to getting the help you need to get on with your active life. We’re here if you need us. Men’s Liberty offers a unique, external catheter that provides secure protection you can count on. When you’re ready, give us a call.