Are You a Veteran? Here’s Why You Can Benefit From an External Catheter

external catheter

Research shows that the likelihood of veterans suffering from male urinary incontinence is twice that of other men. The pattern is even more skewed among men below the age of 55 who have served in the US military. Their likelihood of having male UI is nearly three times that of their non-military counterparts. The relationship between male UI and military service has remained conspicuous. Even after researchers accounted for factors such as age, health conditions such as enlarged prostate, and certain medications. In particular, researchers noted that among men in the youngest age group, the presence of PTSD was associated with a threefold jump in the symptoms of male urinary incontinence. If you are a veteran you could find many benefits in an external catheter.

external catheter

Men’s Liberty: Authentic Solution for Male UI

Active or retired male members of the US military can benefit from Men’s Liberty. It is a unique external catheter with outstanding results. This innovative male external collection device is changing the lives of veterans. As well as changing the lives of non-military men across the US and the rest of the world. It is a non-invasive solution for male urinary incontinence. Therefore it avoids all the downsides typically associated with diapers, pads, and condom catheters. 

You can go back to your fulfilling, confident life and move about with the freedom to perform any physical activities you enjoy. If you have developed an injury-related bladder leakage as a military veteran, you don’t have to suffer or curtail your lifestyle or let this problem overwhelm your mind. Veterans who have sustained spinal or brain injury, which has resulted in male urinary incontinence, can obtain everyday relief and manage their condition with Men’s Liberty external catheter

PTSD and Urinary Incontinence

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) affects a lot of military personnel after they experience or witness extreme events such as war, assault, killings, accidents, and other disasters. PTSD symptoms not only include insomnia, flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, and anger but may also include urinary incontinence and bedwetting. 

During a PTSD episode, the patient’s kidneys may rapidly produce large amounts of urine, which will quickly fill the bladder. This can strain the bladder muscle, and cause it to release urine even when the patient is not conscious about it. 

Some studies have shown a strong correlation between PTSD and male urinary incontinence. With the relatively high incidence of PTSD among veterans, their likelihood of suffering from male UI also increases

A Reliable Male UI Solution for Veterans

Men’s Liberty external catheter is a time-tested, non-invasive solution for military service members who are suffering from male UI. And who want a dignified way to manage their condition. For more than 20 years, Men’s Liberty has been at the forefront of providing innovative male urinary incontinence solutions. 

external catheter

Men’s Liberty is designed to help you gain freedom. Especially from the constant mental burden of dealing with your male UI problem. No matter how old or young you are, or whether you are currently in service or not, you can significantly benefit from this discreet and convenient external collection device to manage your urinary incontinence. 

Men’s Liberty is the Choice of Thousands of Men

Thousands of satisfied men in the US and other countries have benefitted from the Men’s Liberty external catheter. Over five million male UI products from Men’s Liberty have been sold. If you are a military veteran looking for a dignified alternative to condoms, diapers, and pads, give us a call today at 888-412-9329 or place your order online.