Traveling with incontinence is a breeze with Men’s Liberty. Enjoy the freedom to travel across town or around the world with our convenient, secure system. Here’s what else helps.   Plan ahead Don’t wait until the last minute to talk with your doctor. You’ll want to give yourself time to get a handle on your […]

Bedwetting is embarrassing to talk about. The good news is that although it can be attributed to several different causes, it is usually treatable.   Conditions that can lead to incontinence and bedwetting include: Prostate cancer or enlarged prostate Urinary tract infection Sleep apnea Impaired mobility Neurological disorders Diabetes Constipation   Talking about involuntary loss […]

Certain kinds of cancer, such as prostate, and cancer treatments like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy increase the risk of incontinence. Managing incontinence while also dealing with cancer can feel daunting. It can be helpful to keep some perspective. The vast majority of men will regain full control of their bladders.    Talk with your doctor […]

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also called Lou Gehrig’s disease is a condition in which motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord start to die. As the motor neurons die, signals that direct things like movement and bladder control no longer communicate. In this instance the condition is called neurogenic bladder.   Neurogenic bladder Neurogenic […]

Diabetes increases the risk of a number of health problems, including incontinence. Despite growing awareness of associated complications, the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to grow. Are you at risk? You may be if you have one of the following medical conditions.   High blood pressure Your blood pressure should be no higher […]

Although there is no one size fits all answer to the question of permanent incontinence, it is safe to say that in most cases it is not forever. The duration and treatment of incontinence depends on the type and cause. In many cases, once the underlying issue is addressed, symptoms of incontinence improve or resolve. […]

Trying to decide on the best option for living well with incontinence? Consider the pros and cons of the most common options, adult diapers, and external catheters.   Benefits of adult diapers Adult diapers are widely available. Buy them just about anywhere including grocery, convenience and big box stores. You can even buy them online […]

Living with incontinence can impact your life in ways you may not realize at first. Knowing what to expect and planning ahead can reduce frustration and stress. The type of clothing you wear is one example. Ideally, you want to wear clothing that makes your life easier. Your clothing choices might be guided by your […]

One way to manage incontinence symptoms is to understand what kinds of things make it worse. Here are some things to look out for:   Certain medications Check labels and talk with your doctor if you notice that any medications you are taking worsen incontinence. Common culprits include antidepressants, high blood pressure medications, sleep aids, […]

Cooler temperatures and vibrant colors make fall a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. Why not go for it? Worries about accidents won’t steal the fun when you travel with Men’s Liberty. What is Men’s Liberty? Men’s Liberty is a game-changer. Our unique, external catheter system is a discreet, dignified option for men experiencing urinary […]