Band of Brothers

Just a few days ago (November 7th), we shared with you a story about a great man with a terrific mission – Bob Woodruff and his foundation, and of course, the benefit concert “Stand Up For Heroes”!   We express our sincere gratitude to the inspiration from every member of the “Band of Brothers”, including Arthur Bloom, Roger Waters, The Bob Woodruff Foundation, and all the people connected with these great missions!  We appreciate you!

But there’s more to the story…  You may recall that we mentioned that Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) was one of the many musicians and entertainers that evening. But we wanted to make sure you knew about Roger’s commitment to our veterans!

It turns out, Arthur is CONNECTED!

And since starting the program, Arthur’s brought in many accomplished and famous musicians – including Yo-Yo Ma, the world renowned cellist.

Here’s a terrific video of Yo-Yo Ma working with the “Band of Brothers” –

It was also Arthur who introduced Roger Waters, famed band member of Pink Floyd to MusicCorps. Where Roger was touched and inspired to work with the “Band of Brothers”!

Imagine feeling as if your life is “over”. And that you can no longer be a part of something significant. When all of a sudden you are introduced to Arthur and HIS band of brothers. His network of fellow musicians equally inspired and committed to help our wounded veterans rediscover the fun, the excitement and the passion of music.

And the next thing you know, you’re on stage playing music right along with Roger Waters at the Stand Up For Heroes concert!  We were inspired by every one of the band members, including triple-amputee Juan Dominguez playing drums and double-amputee Tim Donley singing “Hallelujah”!  Here’s a CBS News clip featuring both Juan and Tim along with Roger and the “Band of Brothers”!

Here’s an inspiring clip of Tim singing “Wide River to Cross” at the 2012 Stand Up for Heroes benefit concert!  Check it out!

As many “Band of Brothers” musicians will tell you, it is however“therapy on steroids – helping us emotionally, physically and spiritually”!

Because RESOURCES are so important for us to be able to share with our Men’s Liberty “family” and friends, we want you to know that there are several resources available on Arthur Bloom’s “RIME” website, located right here:  Check them out!

We continue our commitment to being a reliable connection for information and resources that you can rely on.  We encourage you to post your thoughts and comments below!  And we love hearing from you!

In closing, let’s take the inspiration we get from Tim Donley and Juan Dominguez and apply the actions that they took to ourselves. To participate, to join, to donate and to COMMIT to our best life possible!  Yes!