1929 Ford Tri-Motor Airplanes Don’t Have Restrooms!

before Men’s Liberty

Riding with our eleven-year old grandson and his father in this 1929 – Ford Tri-Motor Airplane was a memorable experience. A year ago, before Men’s Liberty External Catheters, the thought of twenty minutes of vibration and no restroom would have left me standing on the tarmac watching the plane take off.

However, on this particular Saturday, (February 14, 2015), I felt secure in saying YES to flying with image003Zachery, his father and seven other passengers. Zach sat as co-pilot for the flight. I watched Zach smile when the pilot placed the earphones on his head.

We were mutually excited! And I enjoyed the whole adventure without fear of an embarrassing interruption by leaking on the seat. An event like this with our grandson made the change from absorbents to Men’s Liberty worth all of my mistakes. My thanks to Tony, Sarah, and our TV blog star, Wendy La Torre, for their patience and thoroughness in training.

What is my reward?

“That was really fun, Grandpa!”