Benefits of External Catheters

Urinary incontinence should not keep you from the activities you normally enjoy. There are many options available for UI and we recommend finding the best fit for your lifestyle. Options, such as external catheters, offer you more freedom and flexibility. Read here about the benefits of external catheters.

What is an external catheter?

Unlike internal catheters, which are placed inside the body, external catheters are applied outside of the body. Depending on the type of internal catheter, placement is often made by a medical professional. You may also be instructed by your healthcare provider on how to insert the catheter on your own.  Men’s Liberty is different. We have developed an external collection system that is easy and painless to apply. As a matter of fact, you get comfortable, long-wear protection, even at night.

Benefits of External Catheters

Why consider an external catheter?

External catheters eliminate two of the biggest worries of incontinence, accidents and odor. They’re also discreet. Unlike adult diapers, external catheters create no bulk under clothing and don’t require frequent changing. Simply empty the urine collection bag whenever needed.

Men’s Liberty external catheter provides the best benefits of external catheters:

Eliminates worry about odor – unlike with adult diapers or incontinence pads, they securely collect urine. Complete containment means no worries about odor.

Be accident free –  our secure, skin friendly adhesive gives you a secure seal. Therefore, leave the fear of running to the bathroom in a panic behind you. Sleep all night without bathroom trips or wet sheets.

Discreet – external catheters offer reliable protection without crinkle, odor or bulk. Apply with confidence and without fear that anyone will know.

Easy to apply – the wearer or caregiver can easily apply our external catheter once a day. You won’t require a medical professional or special instruction.

Easy to change – caregivers don’t have to worry about lifting as with diapers. Men’s Liberty is easy to apply, easy to empty and easy to remove.

Reduced risk of infection – indwelling catheters have been associated with increased risk of infection and UTI. Use of an external catheter carries very little risk of infection.

Skin friendly – condom catheters can cause skin irritation, rash and discomfort. Men’s Liberty has developed a skin-friendly, proprietary adhesive that is secure yet gentle.

Affordable – Adult diapers can be costly. Most insurance plans cover external catheters, including Tricare and Medicare. With benefits, you may qualify for Men’s Liberty with little to no out of pocket cost. Standard deductibles and co-pays apply.

Comfortable – External catheters have none of the discomfort associated with insertion that some internal catheters have. Since they direct urine away from the skin they also keep you dry and free of irritation.

Men’s Liberty

If you are managing urinary incontinence you want choices that protect your freedom and independence. In fact, you can enjoy your normal activities without fear of accidents or worry about odor and discomfort. We designed Men’s Liberty with these goals in mind. Give us a call to learn more about how our external catheter can help you have more peace of mind.