Do You Have a Bladder Infection? Let’s Find Out

Bladder Infection

After you have had to urinate for the sixth time in about an hour, you might wonder if you are perhaps displaying one of the bladder infection symptoms in men. And if it stings, hurts, or burns when you urinate, you might be right. 

Bladder infections are the most common type of UTI, i.e., urinary tract infection. A UTI is a bacterial infection and it results in problems like having to urinate way more frequently than usual and pain in your lower abdomen. 

If you have ever suffered a bladder infection in the past, you may realize the symptoms right away. A UTI is a pretty unforgettable experience after all. However, if you are experiencing it for the first time, you may not know what the symptoms mean.

Common Signs That You Have a Bladder Infection

Below are the most common signs that you may be suffering from a UTI or a bladder infection: 

Bladder Infection

Frequent Bathroom Breaks – Are you feeling the need to go to the toilet a lot – even if you just went? And when you do go, there is not much urine? Yes, that’s a sign of a bladder infection.

Painful Burning Sensation – Do you feel a strong burning sensation when you urinate? That is a surefire sign of a bladder infection. The burning or stinging sensation occurs due to the presence of bacteria in the urethra.

Abnormal Pain – Do you feel any tenderness, pressure, or pain in your belly and pubic area? It is crucial to seek medical help before the pain moves to your lower back; it could mean that your kidneys have also become infected.

Need to Urinate Immediately – Are you feeling an intense urge to urinate every few minutes? This is another sign of a UTI and it is generally accompanied by excruciating urination.

Bloody or Cloudy Urine – Is your urine cloudy-colored? Do you see hints of blood in your urine? It could mean that your kidneys are leaking healthy, red blood cells. Both are common bladder infection symptoms in men.

Pungent Smelling Urine – If you have a bladder infection, one of the first signs you will notice is strong-smelling urine that reminds you of ammonia. Some patients may also experience sweet-smelling urine.

Fever – Any of these symptoms are indicators of a bladder infection on their own, but if you also develop a fever, go to your doctor immediately. If you start displaying signs like vomiting, nausea, and chills with your fever, it means the infection may have reached your kidneys. 

Bladder Infection

What to Do About Possible Signs of a Urinary Tract Infection

If you are experiencing any combination of the symptoms mentioned above, don’t delay in seeing a doctor. Bladder infections or bladder leaking are serious conditions and should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further complications. 

Your doctor may prescribe you some antibiotics to treat the UTI. Meanwhile, consider wearing an external collection device for your men’s incontinence treatment. 

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