Caregiver Burnout & Incontinence: Is Men’s Liberty for you?


Who cares for the caregiver?

It’s one of those little talked about side effects of spending your time caring for someone else. Sometimes, you forget to take care of yourself. Whether its eating well, getting enough sleep or making sure to take regular  breaks, caregivers need to pay attention to their own emotional and physical wellbeing. But the truth is, it’s easy to forget, to put it off, to feel guilty for wanting to be selfish for  just a little while. It’s hard to remember that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anybody else either.

Caregiver “burnout” is a reality for those of us who spend their lives caring for a loved one. Burnout is a combination of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion that can leave you feel depressed, hopeless and frustrated. It can make fulfilling your endless list of responsibilities feel impossible. It’s that moment when you’ve given 110%, haven’t slept in what feels like days. And you are at that breaking point where you want to scream. To cry and to sleep. But can’t seem to do any of it. You want to take excellent care for your loved one but your drowning, swimming with all your power just to keep your head above water.

Sound familiar?

For millions of Americans, it probably does. Right now, there an estimated 44.4 million full or part time unpaid familial caregivers in the US1. Whether it’s for a child with developmental disabilities or a parent with dementia, caregivers play an integral role on providing billions of dollars in unpaid care to our most vulnerable members of society. They’re responsibilities are widely varied but they all have made a personal sacrifice to care for someone they love. And they are always on a the lookout for a new treatment, a new product, a new tool that they can use to improve the quality of life for their loved ones, and even for themselves.

Men’s Liberty is one such product.

The average caregiver for an elderly male with incontinence spends between 11 and 16 hours each week, just dealing with urinary incontinence2. That’s up to 832 hours or 34.6 days per year! Imagine having the opportunity to take that time back, cut it in half or more. Imagine having an extra 15  days each year, just to focus on yourself. That’s the equivalent of a two week vacation in Maui, 7 weekend trips to visit family, over 100 evenings out with friends or an extra two hours of sleep every night.

Too good to be true, right? But that’s one of the wonders of modern medicine. We can create new things and re-purpose existing technology to provide better and better care. Men’s Liberty utilizes medical adhesive technology that has been used for decades to treat wounds and skin irritation to provide a secure, skin-friendly fluid management option for men with urinary incontinence. It’s healthier and safer than using absorbent pads or catheters, eliminates embarrassing accidents and drastically reduces the amount of time you spend dealing with your loved one’s incontinence, freeing up extra hours each day to take a walk, read a book, sleep in late or just relax!

Could Men’s Liberty be the right thing for your loved one?