Catheter Alternatives

Catheters can be a good alternative for men dealing with urinary incontinence. If you are tired of inconvenient adult diapers and incontinence pads, but not sure what else is available, learn more here.

Types of catheters

Catheters can be external or indwelling. Much like the names suggest, indwelling catheters are placed inside the body. A thin, hollow tube is inserted through the urethra and into the bladder where it can drain urine. If you have ever had surgery, this is most likely the kind your doctor used. Another type of indwelling catheter, the Foley catheter, can be used longer term, up to a month. This type of catheter differs in that in uses a balloon to remain in place. The bag used with the catheter can be emptied when full.

External catheters are placed outside of the body, often covering the penis in the same way a condom does. Urine is collected in a bag that is attached to the catheter and, as with the indwelling catheter, is emptied when full.

Indwelling catheters can encourage bacterial growth that leads to infection. Prolonged moisture on the skin, common with external catheters, can lead to rashes and irritation.

Men’s Liberty offers another option. An external collection system with significantly less risk for rash and urinary tract infection. This type of external catheter is effective for all male anatomy, regardless of size. You can even use it effectively whether or not you have been circumcised. Our patented system attaches to the tip of the penis using a skin friendly adhesive. Enjoy worry free days and nights with no fear of pop-offs or leaks. Apply once and day and conveniently empty the attached urine collection bag whenever you need to.

Men’s Liberty is easy and painless to apply. It is also discreet, so no one will even know you are wearing it, even under shorts. We designed Men’s Liberty with your freedom, convenience and dignity in mind. Use it to get back to the things you enjoy without the distraction of incontinence.

Men’s Liberty may be available to you with little to no out of pocket costs. Our product is covered by many insurance plans including Medicare and Tricare. Standard deductibles and co-pays apply.

If you are looking for a way to be free of diapers and lower your risk of rash or infection, try Men’s Liberty. With over 4 million units used by men around the world maybe Men’s Liberty is right for you too.


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