Comparing Men’s Liberty to Traditional Catheters

Men’s Liberty

Male urinary incontinence (a condition in which a man is unable to control his bladder) is more common than you think. While it’s not a disease in itself, incontinence is often a symptom of an underlying medical issue. There are different types of incontinence, ranging in severity from complete uncontrolled voiding of the bladder to a small leak when you cough or sneeze. As such, the causes of incontinence in men also vary; it can occur due to a urinary tract infection, certain medications, neurological conditions, injury, or simply growing old. Whatever the reason and severity might be, if you are suffering from urinary incontinence, Men’s Liberty can be an excellent addition to your daily regimen. It’s a perfect solution for men who want to avoid wearing uncomfortable pads and diapers or using painful catheters to manage their condition.

Why Men’s Liberty Is Better Than Traditional Catheters

While external catheters are one of the most widely-used tools to manage incontinence in men, they come with several downsides. Let’s see how using a traditional catheter can do more harm than good. And why Men’s Liberty is the superior option in terms of function, comfort, and safety.

No Pain or Discomfort

Traditional catheters, by their very nature, are invasive and painful. Also, inserting and removing a catheter is no easy feat.

Men’s Liberty is a completely non-invasive and external device. There are no tubes that need to be inserted through the urethra, which means you’ll be way more comfortable while using it. Also, because it’s non-invasive, you can move around as much as you want without worrying too much about discomfort.

User Friendly

External catheters definitely do their job but no man who has ever used one will describe them as user friendly. You’ll always need a nurse or a trained caregiver to apply and remove it carefully. Men’s Liberty, on the other hand, can be applied without anyone else’s assistance. The unit comfortably fits over your anatomy, and urine gets collected in a pouch that fits discreetly inside your underwear.

Completely Discreet

Having to wear a catheter is painful enough; if others around you can tell you are wearing a catheter, it might also cause you to lose your confidence. A traditional catheter is a long way from being completely discreet, unlike Men’s Liberty.

Men’s Liberty stays completely secure and hidden within your underwear throughout the duration that you are wearing it. You can go to the beach or a restaurant and nobody will ever be able to tell that you are wearing any such contraception.

If you are in public and want to empty the contents or remove the unit altogether, simply visit the bathroom and do it in private. Men’s Liberty has a design which molds to you like a second skin. You yourself might even forget that you are wearing it!

The Latest Innovation in the Field of Urinary Incontinence for Men

Stop using outdated and uncomfortable traditional catheters. Rely on Men’s Liberty instead, the affordable and painless alternative to common urine collection devices. Recommended by the National Association for Continence, Men’s Liberty has helped thousands of men experience amazing results and you can be next. Call us at 866-414-2369 or simply order online.