Managing the costs of incontinence

Managing the costs of incontinence can be expensive. The expense isn’t confined to products such as absorbents. There are other costs. These include skin care and management, as well as the emotional cost of worry about accidents, and loss of a sense of freedom. Men’s Liberty offers a more affordable option for most patients as it’s covered by Medicare and over 3000 insurance plans.

The real costs of incontinence

Perhaps even greater than the tangible cost of purchasing incontinence management products is the intangible cost. Incontinence can have a significant impact on quality of life. Doing normal activities may feel too burdensome or embarrassing with incontinence. There are also costs related to time spent on extra laundry, dry cleaning and even furniture cleaning. Add that to the thousands of dollars spent annually on absorbent products and skin care, and it is easy to see how feelings of stress and overwhelm can quickly dominate. A better option is available for men and it could work for you.

Save on incontinence products

Although absorbent products, such as adult diapers, pads and liners are not covered by insurance, there are ways to save. If Men’s Liberty is not for you,  visit our partner LivaANew and use the promo code Liberty to save 10% off your orders. Search retailers online and in warehouse clubs. You may also realize savings with coupons, rebates or by buying in bulk.

Save even more with Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty saves on the tangible and intangible costs of incontinence. Most insurance plans cover our easy to use system. If you have Medicare, Tricare/VA or one of 3,000 other plans, you may qualify for Men’s Liberty at little or no out-of-pocket cost. You’ll enjoy less stress and more freedom too. Men’s Liberty provides up to 24-hours of secure, skin-friendly protection. Get back to doing the things you enjoy without worrying about leaks, accidents or embarrassing odor.

Skin-friendly means greater savings

Absorbents leave skin moist and vulnerable to rashes and infection. Pain and care related to symptoms such as incontinence dermatitis (ID) can be costly. You must consider the cost of time spent managing ID. Men’s Liberty directs urine away from the skin, so you stay dry. That means significantly reduced risk of rashes and infection.

Save money and do more

Get a handle on the real costs of incontinence – it isn’t just about the money. In fact, Men’s Liberty was designed with your freedom and dignity in mind. Spare your wallet and start being social again. You can enjoy secure, worry free protection at little or no out-of-pocket cost. Call Men’s Liberty now.