Dealing with incontinence denial

Coming to terms with incontinence is sometimes a process. If despite all the evidence, your loved one seems to keep his head in the sand, its time to take action. These tips can help with dealing with incontinence denial.

Be direct about dealing with incontinence denial

Talking about incontinence can be embarrassing, so choose your words carefully. Remind your loved one that incontinence is a common medical condition affecting millions of men just like him. He should know that it is manageable, and often treatable, and need not prevent him from enjoying his usual activities.

Put yourself in his shoes

Incontinence may be a side effect of a larger issue. For example, is your loved one having pain with walking or balance issues? Is clothing easy to remove? Do a little detective work. These kinds of problems may discourage more regular toileting. Also, be sure the path to the toilet is clear to avoid risk for falls.

Arm yourself with information

Incontinence has many causes. Encourage your loved one to broach the subject with a healthcare provider. Changes to certain medications, weight management, smoking cessation and maintaining a healthy prostate can improve incontinence symptoms. If symptoms cannot be improved, hearing the diagnosis from a doctor may finally lead to acceptance.

Learn what’s new

Managing urinary incontinence doesn’t have to mean being stuck with soggy absorbents and diapers. Men’s Liberty has another option that lets men enjoy confidence and freedom. Our proprietary system offers up to 24-hours of protection against leaks and accidents. It protects skin from rashes and irritation, too. Men’s Liberty is easy to apply in about two minutes and is discreet under clothing including long shorts.

Men’s Liberty makes incontinence easier

Skip the stress and hassle of traditional incontinence management methods. You and your loved one have better things to think about than bladder management. Men’s Liberty gives you back the freedom to do more with confidence. Go to the game, get in a round of golf or just enjoy a movie. You can do that and more with Men’s Liberty.

Understand his fears – Dealing with incontinence denial isn’t easy

For some men acknowledging incontinence means losing masculinity.  Help your loved one remember that he cannot be defined by a diagnosis. In fact, encourage him to pursue the things he enjoys. If that isn’t possible, support him to be curious and pursue new interests. Call Men’s Liberty too. Our secure system can help your loved one manage incontinence with freedom and confidence.