Men Who Are Incontinent Are Still Men

dealing with incontinence

Incontinence, or the inability to control when urine is released, can happen for many different reasons. None of them related to diminished masculinity. Still, it is very hard for some men to talk about. Dealing with incontinence can bring up feelings of shame, loss of confidence, or feeling less like a man. Here’s the truth – men who are incontinent are still men. There are millions of men dealing with incontinence every day. It does not need to change their sense of who they are. Incontinence is a symptom, it is not the sum of a man. It’s time to focus on the getting back to living life on your terms and the reasons why some men have problems.

Causes of incontinence

A common cause for incontinence is prostate trouble. Prostate cancer, enlarged prostate and prostate surgery can impact a man’s ability to control urine. Neurological disorders, traumatic injury and nerve damage are also causes. If you are experiencing unintentional loss of urine, talk with your healthcare provider. Your doctor will help you understand the cause and decide on the most appropriate options for treatment and/or management of incontinence.

Types of incontinence

  • Stress incontinence – you may notice urine leakage when you lift, cough, laugh or sneeze.
  • Overflow incontinence – urine may involuntarily flow out of your over full bladder.
  • Urge incontinence – also called overactive bladder, urge incontinence, is the most common type. You may feel a sudden, intense urge to urinate followed by a release of urine before you are able to make it to the bathroom.
  • Mixed incontinence – this is a combination of two types of incontinence, such as stress and urge incontinence.

Managing incontinence

In addition to medical causes for incontinence, the problem can also be related to lifestyle or behavior. Obesity, constipation, smoking, and excessive drinking are common behavioral causes. Again, talk with your healthcare provider about being more physically active, managing diet for better digestive health and reducing alcohol consumption.

Change your mind

Experiencing incontinence can be frustrating but it does not need to limit your freedom or rob you of your dignity. Understand the symptoms, patterns, how incontinence impacts you, and make a plan. Take action.

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