Don’t be afraid to talk: Talk with your doctor about all your issues

Talk with your doctor

There are certain things guys just don’t want to talk about. Wouldn’t it be great if simply ignoring a problem was enough to make it go away? Don’t learn the hard way that the opposite is true. Ignoring health concerns can sometimes give small problems time to become big problems. Talk with your doctor. It isn’t as bad as you think. 

Why suffer in silence?

Our minds are busy places. An especially active mind can turn a minor ache or pain into a major medical diagnosis. You don’t have to be a hypochondriac for that to happen. Again, minds are busy places. Share any concerns with your doctor. Knowing what you are actually dealing with can alleviate unnecessary worry and stress. You’ll get relief sooner, too. If it turns out there is a problem, early intervention often yields better long-term outcomes.

Your doctor has heard it all before

Here’s the bottom line – bodily functions are not all that original. If your body is doing something weird, it probably isn’t the first. That means your doctor has heard it before. It might be helpful to remember that doctors are people, too. They also have to contend with bodily functions and health concerns. Remind yourself that you are talking with a human being who, in many ways, is just like you.

Knowledge is power

You don’t know what you don’t know. Talk to your doctor about all your health issues to get some perspective. His or her expertise can give you important insights you need to make health and/or treatment decisions that improve your quality of life. For example, millions of men are living with incontinence today. As the number continues to grow, more information is available about living an active, vibrant life with incontinence. Your doctor can recommend options that give you back your freedom, dignity, and confidence. Men’s Liberty is one option your doctor can discuss with you.

What is Men’s Liberty?

Men’s Liberty is a device like no other. Our unique system offers secure protection you can depend on. Unlike absorbents, Men’s Liberty directs urine away from the skin, so it stays dry and protected. Men’s Liberty is discreet. You can dress as you normally do without worries about sagging, bunching or odor. Men’s Liberty is easy to use and comfortable for everything from watching a movie to running a marathon. Men’s Liberty fits most male anatomy and can be worn up to 24-hours. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep, work or play. Talk to your doctor to learn more.