Don’t Let Incontinence Interrupt Your Summer Vacation!


Whether you’re sunbathing on the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, visiting the grandkids or exploring the natural wonders of the Rockies, summer vacation is a time to relax, explore and spend time with friends and family. But all of that can be interrupted by a bout of incontinence that leaves you wet, embarrassed and definitely not stress-free.


Men’s Liberty talks to hundreds of incontinent men every day and over the years they have shared some of their best tips for travelling, touring and exploring; free from embarrassing accidents and unnecessary stress. Our customers include men of every age and dozens of diagnoses. They are students, athletes, doctors, lawyers, military veterans and retirees. But they all have two things in common: they have urinary incontinence and more importantly, they discovered Men’s Liberty and took back control of their lives and their bladders. They are the true experts who have been using Men’s Liberty every day for years. They have taken that journey – from embarrassment to confidence, from frequent accidents to being in control, from incontinence to Men’s Liberty.

So we wanted to take just a few minutes to share some of their best travel tips with you all as you plan for your summer adventures.

1. Always be prepared.

Make sure to have a half dozen extra Men’s Liberty on hand during your trip. You never know when a flight might be delayed, your car will break down or you get stuck somewhere and need to change your Men’s Liberty. By keeping a few extra on hand you will have the security of knowing that no matter what happens with your flight, your rental car or on your drive home you have the right fluid management solution in hand!

2. Keep to your Men’s Liberty change schedule.

Changing locations, time zones and sleeping patterns is normal during a trip. It’s easy to get distracted and forget. But whenever possible, make sure to maintain your Men’s Liberty change schedule. Keeping this consistent will help eliminate potential accidents or leaks.

3. Be sure to bring a bar of Ivory or other non-moisturizing soap. 

Most hotels will only provide shower gel which is full of moisturizers and oils that will remain on your skin long after you get out of the shower. This can reduce your wear time so it’s always best to keep an Ivory bar in stock.

4. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your bladder.

When flying, be sure to void your bladder as completely as possible prior to boarding the aircraft. Intermittent cath if needed, even if you normally only do it once a day. The tight lap belt, changes in air pressure and potential turbulence can put a lot of pressure on your bladder and the sphincter muscles. These pressures can result in a strong, unexpected need to void or a sudden, high pressure release of urine which will fill the small Men’s Liberty collection chamber. Always connect your Men’s Liberty to a leg bag for the duration of your journey so that if you have to go, you can!

5. Don’t try and hold it until the next exit on the highway when you can get off now.

A recent study by Peter Snyder, Ph.D. and his research team at Lifespan showed that driving while trying to ‘hold it’ can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol! His research suggested that when people are dealing with a strong urge to urinate, their cognitive functions are impaired, similar to what you might experience after a sleepless night or a few too many pints at the pub. Getting to your destination safely is more important than arriving quickly. Take the time to stop when you need to.

6. Don’t avoid drinking fluids just to avoid your incontinence.

Your body needs food and water to survive and to get the most out of your vacation!  Particularly when you are travelling, dehydration can easily happen. Not drinking may seem like a simple solution to potential incontinence but it can cause your body real, long term damage.

7. And last but certainly not least, remember, you’re the one in charge, not your incontinence!

Over time, too many incontinent men get in the habit of scoping out restaurants, bars or museums for the restroom whenever they walk in. They anticipate their incontinence and try to accommodate it. But why do that when you can be the one in charge?  Our experts love being the ones in charge of setting the schedule, deciding how much to drink and getting to explore new places without planning for bathroom breaks, all because of Men’s Liberty.

Many of our customers were able to take their first trip in years, thanks to Men’s Liberty. The security of 24 hour protection with a discreet design, helped convince them to grab hold of the opportunity to explore the world, visit family and socialize with their peers. Give our tips a try and see if Men’s Liberty could be right for you.

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