Enjoy the party without the bathroom worry

Men's Liberty

Stop thinking about your bladder and start enjoying the party. It’s possible with Men’s Liberty that you can get out of the house without the need for frequent bathroom breaks or diaper changes. Our unique system means you can be confident, relax and have fun. Leave worry behind and head for the dance floor.

Enjoy long-lasting protection with Men’s Liberty

Men’s Liberty delivers discreet, long-lasting protection against leaks and accidents. Apply it in about two minutes. Change it daily, and it will stay securely in place for up to 24 to 48 hours. Get to the party early and stay late. Whether you dance the night away or enjoy the music and conversation, you’ll stay dry and comfortable.

Easy to use

Our unique, skin-friendly design attaches to the tip of your anatomy helping prevent chaffing and other irritation typically caused with adult absorbent products. Men’s Liberty also features a convenient collection unit. Thirsty? Go ahead and have something to drink. It’s easy to discreetly empty the unit at the urinal. In fact, it is so easy, others are unlikely to even notice.

Move naturally

Men’s Liberty is comfortable, so you can move freely. Talk with friends or show off your fanciest footwork. No one will know you are using it.

Men’s Liberty means more freedom

Get back to the things you enjoy, like being with friends. Incontinence doesn’t have to mean isolation. If fear of embarrassment or constant stress about making it to the bathroom on time have kept you at home, you can get out again with Men’s Liberty. We designed it with your freedom and dignity in mind. Go ahead and RSVP. You can confidently start getting out again.

Start the conversation

It’s easy to get started with Men’s Liberty. Just talk with your healthcare provider or call our customer care team to learn more. If Men’s Liberty is right for you, your doctor will complete an authorization form for your insurance and a distributor will ship your product directly to your house. It is covered by more than 3,000 insurance plans, including Medicare and Tricare/VA. You may qualify for this device with little or no out of pocket cost. We can help with insurance forms, too. Just give us a call.


Take the first step. Call or connect online with our friendly, knowledgeable staff. We are available to answer your questions. Millions of men are living active, vibrant lives while managing incontinence. They rely on the secure protection our product provides day and night. You can enjoy the freedom and confidence to do the things you enjoy too, including parties. Call today.