Explaining the Men’s Liberty Learning Curve

Well we’re back this week answering one of the most common questions that our customer and doctors have – what is the Men’s Liberty learning curve?

Short answer: its the time it takes your skin to adjust to Men’s Liberty and provide a 24 hour wear time.

1. Why do you call it that?

We call it the learning curve because your wear time curves upward with each application. But perhaps a more meaningful term would be: “adoption period”. Essentially, what every customer needs to know if that the first time you use Men’s Liberty you aren’t going to get a full 24 hour wear time.  So you should plan to use your first one on a day your at home so that you can change it easily and avoid any potential accidents.

2. Why is there a learning curve?

The learning curve is necessary because the Men’s Liberty uses a unique medical adhesive called hydrocolloid. The name literally means water, i.e. ‘hydro’. Hydrocolloid just loves moisture and it will absorb any excess moisture out of your skin.

And if you’ve been using diapers, pads or condom catheters for a while, you’ve got A LOT of moisture in your skin! So the adhesive will soak all that up and once it can’t soak up anymore, it will be ready to remove. Depending on the moisture levels in your skin the first one will last 3-6 hours. 

3. How long is the Men’s Liberty learning curve?

Most clients get through the learning curve in about a day and a half – essentially three consecutive applications. So you start on Saturday morning with the first Men’s Liberty, Saturday afternoon you apply the second and Sunday morning you apply the third. And then every application after that should last 24 hours or more.

4. What can I do to speed this up?

The most important thing you can do is be prepared. Use Ivory or Gold Bar Dial soap before applying, make sure your not leaking when you apply and then monitor it carefully for the first day. It’s a little investment for a HUGE payoff!

5. What are the most common mistakes that people make during the learning curve?

There are two mistakes we see quite a few people making:

    • Using the wrong soap – we recommend Ivory or Gold Bar Dial soap for a good reason. They don’t have any moisturizers in them. Other soaps (esp. liquid soaps) are filled with silicon and moisturizers. They make your skin feel silky but will prevent the hydrocolloid from sticking to you! So on your anatomy, make sure you’re using a NON-MOISTURIZING soap!
    • Ping-ponging between products. Every time you switch back and forth between Liberty and another product you are re-introducing moisture into your skin. This extends the learning curve and will prevent you from getting to a 24 hour wear time. So be patient, and stick with it. And if you have questions – CALL US! We’re here to help!

So have you got a question we missed? Let us know. We’re always here to help you get the most from your Men’s Liberty!