External Catheters vs Internal Catheters

Urinary catheters are a good option for managing incontinence, but which type is best? External catheters like condom catheters and internal catheters offer benefits and risks. Here is a look at external catheters Vs internal catheters and some things to consider.

External vs Internal Catheters

External Condom catheters

Much as the name suggests, condom catheters provide protection via a sheath that covers the penis. An adhesive helps in attaching the sheath and a bag that you can empty as needed collects urine. A condom catheter is a type of external catheter. Many men feel more confident using condom catheters because they provide freedom from the main problems of adult diapers – odor and bulkiness. Condom catheters are also non-invasive. The user or caregiver can easily apply them, without assistance from a physician. There are also disadvantages. For example, condom catheters are prone to leakage, pop-offs and are commonly associated with skin rash and irritation.

Internal catheters

Again, the name suggests how one should expect to use this catheter. Internal catheters are inserted directly into the bladder via the urethra, to drain the bladder, and are often referred to as a Foley catheter. Once inserted, there is less involvement needed than with the condom catheter, but there are other reasons for concern such as higher rates of infection. A significant disadvantage of internal catheters is the high risk of a Urinary tract infection (UTI) or CAUTI associated with their use. As with anything invasive there is a greater likelihood that they will introduce bacteria, leading to chronic infection.

Men’s Liberty vs External vs Internal Catheters

Men’s Liberty offers another option. It combines the benefits of the condom catheter – convenience, with that of the internal catheter – worry free protection. Men’s Liberty is a new kind of external catheter that you change once a day. Our patented system is non-invasive and with 5 million units used to date, Men’s Liberty is helping men live without the worry of a UTI infection. Men’s Liberty directs urine away from the skin and protects it using a skin friendly adhesive. Unlike condom catheters, Men’s Liberty convers only the tip rather than the entire shaft of the penis, so it is appropriate for all sizes.

Look beyond condom catheters or internal catheters and try a new alternative to manage your urinary incontinence. Men’s Liberty can give you back the confidence to enjoy your normal activities without worrying about leaks or odor. Our sure seal provides up to 24 hours of non-invasive protection, so you also have less worry about risk of infection. Men’s Liberty is easy to apply, too. Is Men’s Liberty right for you? Call us today to learn how Men’s Liberty can give you back the freedom to do the things you enjoy.