Frequently Asked Questions


I received my Men’s Liberty supplies today. When should I start using them?

Start on a day that you are going to be home. Men’s Liberty has a “learning curve”, and you may go through 3 applications the first day. Before getting started, make sure that you wash the groin area with a non-moisturizing bar of soap. We recommend Ivory or Gold Bar Dial bar soap. Do not use liquid soaps. We recommend you watch the application video at before your first application.


What is the Men’s Liberty Learning Curve?

A short wear time for the first application is normal. It generally takes 2 to 3 applications the first day to build up to a 24-hour wear time. As soon as the first one comes loose, apply a new one immediately. Do not switch to a diaper or pad otherwise, you will not be able to build up the wear time. Moisture trapped in the skin by condom catheters, diapers, and pads interferes with Men’s Liberty’s seal and limits wear times of initial applications.


How long can I wear Men’s Liberty?

The recommended wear time for Men’s Liberty is 24 hours. You can wear Men’s Liberty all day and all night. Many users suggest changing Men’s Liberty first thing in the morning or after a shower. You may find you can wear Men’s Liberty for longer than 24 hours. We do not recommend wearing Men’s Liberty for longer than 48 hours due to sanitary reasons as the anatomy should be cleaned routinely.


Where does the Men’s Liberty bag go?

The Men’s Liberty urine collection pouch needs to lay flat against the inside of one leg and placed below the anatomy to ensure proper flow of urine away from the body. Do not tuck the bag inside underwear as this may cause the bag to fold or kink blocking urine flow.


What type of underwear should I use?

Make sure Men’s Liberty is worn under loose-fitting boxers or shorts. Do not use restrictive or absorbent underwear with Men’s Liberty.


How often should I empty the Men’s Liberty bag?

The Men’s Liberty bag holds 8 oz of fluid and should be emptied when it’s about 2/3 full. You do not want to overfill the bag, or it may back up and cause leaks. Men’s Liberty can be connected to any standard leg or bedside urine collection bag for additional capacity.


How do I remove Men’s Liberty?

The Men’s Liberty can be removed using warm non-moisturizing, soapy water, or FreeDerm adhesive remover.
A courtesy spray bottle comes with each order of a month or 3-month supply. FreeDerm is recommended as it releases the Men’s Liberty hydrocolloid adhesive, is skin-friendly and leaves no residue.
Be sure to never pull or tear Men’s Liberty off the skin. Roll the adhesive off when it turns a milky white from using adhesive remover or warm water.
Any time the Men’s Liberty separates from the skin or is removed, use FreeDerm adhesive remover to avoid a build-up of hydrocolloid adhesive on the skin. Always wash and dry the anatomy with non-moisturizing soap before the next application. It can sometimes take up to 15 minutes to remove the adhesive, so patience is important.


I am not circumcised. Can I wear Men’s Liberty?

Uncircumcised men may use Men’s Liberty if they can retract the foreskin to expose the head of the penis. Use the KindKlamp, penile clamp, to hold the foreskin back during application. If you cannot retract the foreskin, we do not recommend attaching Men’s Liberty over the foreskin without consulting your physician.


I can’t get my foreskin back to the natural resting position. What can I do?

You may use a small amount of Vaseline or some other kind of lubricant on top of the adhesive to help ease it back to the natural resting position.


My Men’s Liberty doesn’t stay on as long as it should. What should I do?

Always wash the anatomy with non-moisturizing soap such as Ivory or Gold Bar Dial. Do not use liquid soaps as they contain moisturizers and will reduce adhesion or keep Men’s Liberty from sealing to your skin.
Apply Men’s Liberty to clean, dry skin. Men’s Liberty will not seal to your skin if it is damp.
Allow the BioPlus+ Barrier wipe to completely dry before applying Men’s Liberty. BioPlus+ feels sticky on the skin when it is wet. You will know the BioPlus+ has dried completely when it is no longer sticky.
Do not use other incontinence products at the same time with Men’s Liberty, such as absorbent products like diapers and pads. These trap in moisture which will interfere with Men’s Liberty’s seal, shortening your wear time.


I used to get 24 hours of wear time but now am experiencing a reduction in wear time. What could be happening?


What is hydrocolloid build-up?

The Men’s Liberty uses a gentle and moveable adhesive called hydrocolloid. If not removed properly with FreeDerm, adhesive remover, or warm soapy water, small amounts of the adhesive can create a build-up layer on the skin even if you can’t see it.
Periodically, you can soak the tip of the anatomy with FreeDerm and wrap a warm wet washcloth around the head to break up and hydrocolloid adhesive build-up.
Long-time users should try this method to break up adhesive build-up if they are having a reduction of wear time or leaking at the adhesive.


I have a leaking at the adhesive. What should I do?

Try to remove any hydrocolloid adhesive build-up (mentioned above).
You may want to try applying Men’s Liberty in the early morning because your body may hold less moisture.
Make sure to allow the BioPlus+ wipe to dry completely.
You can try laying down when applying or utilizing the KindKlamp, penile clamp, to reduce or temporarily stop the amount of urine that leaks when applying Men’s Liberty.
Check that the faceplate (petals) is aligned properly with the urinary opening of the penis. You may need to use the KindKlamp, penile clamp, to temporarily stop the flow of urine during application.
Check that the faceplate seal is applied correctly by first applying at the grove at the underside of the penis prior to wrapping around the tip. Apply the faceplate seal so that it overlaps the faceplate “petals” and a little bit of the plastic tube housing. Make sure you are allowing the adhesive to naturally wrap around the head of the penis, so it is flat and wrinkle-free without stretching the adhesive. If the faceplate strip does not wrap all the way around, you may need an additional faceplate strip to keep the product on and make a complete seal.
Ensure that the Men’s Liberty is positioned below the anatomy to allow for the flow of urine away from the body and with gravity. Ensure that a leg or bedside urine collection bag is positioned below the bladder.


I have allergies. Can I wear Men’s Liberty?

If you have an allergy or sensitivity to adhesives and tapes, we recommend doing a skin test before using Men’s Liberty. Cut a small piece of the hydrocolloid adhesive faceplate seal and place it on the inside of your forearm just below the elbow. If after about 3 or 4 hours there is no sign of irritation, you should be able to use the product.
If you do experience irritation stop using Men’s Liberty, wait to heal before applying another, and you can call the Men’s Liberty Nurse Support Line for further help. 1-888-920-9363 (M – F, 9am – 5pm EST).


The BioPlus+ Barrier Wipe says “no sting” but it burns when I apply. Is something wrong?

Some men may experience a slight stinging when using the BioPlus, however, this sensation generally goes away once it dries. If the stinging sensation continues, stop the use of the BioPlus+, wait to heal before using again, and you can call the Men’s Liberty Nurse Support Line for further help. 1-888-920-9363 (M – F, 9am – 5pm EST).
Try the allergy test mentioned above with and without BioPlus+. Men’s Liberty can be used without the BioPlus+.


I had some irritation after removing Men’s Liberty. What can I do?

You may have applied the adhesive faceplate seal too tightly during the application or are experiencing a vacuum effect when draining. Do not stretch or pull the adhesive tight around the head of the penis. You can also try to separate the layers of the urine collection bag(s) to allow some air into the bag and reduce suction. Do not block the Men’s Liberty’s micro vent with restrictive underwear or diapers. When connecting to another urine collection bag, it is recommended to use a vented bag.
Make sure the Men’s Liberty is positioned lower than the anatomy to allow the proper flow of urine with gravity.
Do not pull or tug on the adhesive when removing. Allow warm water or FreeDerm to loosen the adhesive so it can be gently rolled off the skin.