Five Tips to Improve Your Overall Urological Health

Urological Health

Maintaining your urological health should be a key priority, and particularly after the age of 40, you should be conscious about the appearance of any abnormal symptoms. Urological conditions include urinary incontinence, prostate problems, kidney stones, UTIs, among others. Here are some of the practical tips that can help improve your urological health.

Stay Hydrated

Depending on the hot, humid, or cold weather conditions in your area, you should drink plenty of water and fluids to stay sufficiently hydrated. Cut down on the quantity of alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, which could be unhealthy for your bladder and kidneys.

For instance, excessive intake of sodas, tea, and coffee could lead to an overactive bladder and contribute to urinary incontinence. You may consider natural remedies such as cranberry juice, which has properties to support your urological health.

Improve Your Bathroom Habits

It is okay to go to the bathroom four to eight times during the daytime, and up to two times at night. If you wake up more than twice a night to urinate, it could be a urological health concern. Do not be irregular about your bathroom visits as far as possible.

Urological Health

Neither rush to the bathroom too often nor hold back the urine forcibly when you have need to urinate. When you urinate, do not be in a hurry and allow the bladder to empty fully. Maintain good hygiene practices to minimize your risk of UTI or skin infections.

Maintain a Moderate Body Weight

Men who are obese or overweight often experience more urological problems than others. A heavier abdomen, in particular, will put extra pressure on your bladder and may gradually contribute to urinary incontinence. Prolonged sedentary position every day and lack of exercise will also eventually weaken your muscles and tissue within the urinary system.

If visceral fat begins to accumulate around your vital organs, it can contribute to numerous medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, heart disease, and poor urological health. The ideal approach should be to follow a balanced diet and be regular with your physical activities and age-appropriate fitness and cardio exercises.

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

Incorporate kegel exercises into your fitness routine, which will serve as training for your pelvic floor muscles. Many men are interested in building biceps, but pay little attention to pelvic floor muscles. These muscles provide support to your bladder and bowel, and may even enhance sexual vitality in some men.

You can perform specialized pelvic muscle contraction exercises two to three times a day to minimize your risk of urinary incontinence. It is best to perform kegel exercises under the supervision of a trainer until you are well-versed with them.

Improve Your Learning about Bladder Health

You should speak to your family doctor or urologist if you have any concerns about bladder health. Rather than feel embarrassed or avoid any urological problem, you should be prepared to learn about it and discuss it with your doctor.

Urological Health

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