Fluid Management – What is it? Why should I be considering it?

Fluid Management

Fluid Management

Recently, we have been reaching into the adaptive athlete audience.  Now, because of feedback from clients, we are even more aware of the importance of hydration and fluid management.   Even though many of these athletes may not be incontinent of urine, they still may need an aid for fluid management.  You cannot compete like they do without proper hydration, it’s just impossible.

This of course got us thinking about how important this same issue could be where “taking a time out” is not really an option. And how a product like the Men’s Liberty could be so beneficial.

Just think about how convenient Men’s Liberty could be if you are in any sports related environment. Hunting, long distance cycling, kayaking, competitive cross country skiing – and I’m positive there are dozens of other sports.   What if you work in hazardous materials suits, are in the military service, a SWAT team, etc?   Again, “time outs” are not really convenient.   If you could use a product that is totally external, keeps you dry,  will enable you to “manage your fluids” comfortably, without risk of skin irritation or leak, wouldn’t it be a better option?  Wouldn’t it also give you a sense of safety and security?

If you have any other ideas of where the Men’s Liberty makes a lot of sense to manage hydration, blog us back, we would love to hear from you.   Thanks in advance!


Wendy with Team Liberty